Nothing comes close to the Advance for value! It’s loaded with every practical feature the discerning New Zealand farmer requires, it is built like the local outhouse and nothing compares to the supple ride of the boom design. It’s the perfect trailed sprayer for large dairy farms or cropping operations.


  1. PUMP – Reliable maintenance free piston pump. The pump can be field serviced in 10-20 minutes without removing it from the sprayer. Ceramic sleeves extend service intervals compared to conventional diaphragm pumps. Positive displacement means volume doesn’t alter when pressure increases.
  2. CHASSIS – Built like a truck! The Advance has a high-tensile ‘C’ section chassis that is riveted rather than welded. This allows the chassis to flex without cracking, eliminating common fatigue cracks.
  3. AGITATOR – Unique mechanical agitator. Can handle liquid fertilisers with ease, and takes less power to mix the solution more thoroughly. The Advance has the best of both worlds: mechanical and re-circulation agitation.
  4. HYDRAULICS – Totally self contained hydraulic system. Operated electrically from the cab. Makes hooking up simple and easy! No chance of getting the hoses around the wrong way – just back the tractor up, connect the PTO and the 2 cables and go.
  5. BOOM – Our booms are second to none and are built to last! Built with a huge triple pipe design for massive strength. Unique hydraulic pivot design holds the boom tightly together eliminating any slop within the folding sections. The partial folding feature allows you to spray at either 13 metres or 24 metres. 3D breakaway section protects your boom from unnecessary damage when hitting a fence. Wing lift is standard. Boom is self levelling to follow contours.With a factory rated operating speed of 20km/h these sprayers can handle the tough New Zealand conditions with ease.
  6. SUSPENSION – The Advance has superior suspension. It uses a combination of coil springs, hydraulic accumulators, rubber cushions and hydraulic dampeners to provide an extremely supple ride. The triple suspension system includes individual yaw dampening, dual vertical suspension and wing dampened suspension. Eliminates excessive side loading on both sprayer and tractor. Eliminates shock damage and provides the most consistent application. In transport mode the boom is suspended giving you added peace of mind.
  7. TANK – Unlike others the tanks are blow moulded. This far superior technique makes an incredibly strong, last longer and UV safe tank. Specially designed to keep weight balanced between tractor and sprayer, for a lower centre of gravity. Deep sump for fully emptying even on steep terrain. Smooth internal shape to reduce residues when cleaning which also assists the agitation for a thorough solution mix.
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist


  • Mechanical Agitator

    The mechanical agitator is unbeatable when it comes to liquid fertiliser. It keeps the mixture thoroughly mixed.

  • On-board Hydraulics

    The fully self-contained hydraulic system, makes for quicker hooking up, getting you up and spraying quicker with in cab control system.

  • Protected Nozzles

    The nozzles are protected by the boom structure from accidental knocks, which reduces downtime if you were to hit an obstacle.

  • Section Filters

    Inline section filter remove any particles that are likely to block up nozzles reducing downtime and the need to cleanout each nozzle.

  • Simple Controls

    Simple and straight forward controls eliminates confusion and makes it easier to use.

  • Winglift

    The Advance has 15 degree full boom wing lift making contour following a breeze.



      Tank size:3000L (optional 2000L available)
      Flushing tank:200
      Pump:150L/min Jacto piston pump
      Controls:4 section electric in-cab controls (optional Autorate controls up to 5 sections or GPS application/swath up to 10 sections)
      Agitation:Mechanical impellor
      Gauge:Floating ball sight gauge
      Lid:Hinged 455mm lid with basket strainer
      Booms:18 metre (optional 21 or 24 metre booms. Optional Vortex air-assisted boom technology)


    • ISOBus Controller

      The optional ISOBus control lets you run the sprayer control function on most tractor terminals that are ISO compatible. This eliminates cab clutter, and provide all rate controlling functionality or GPS if activated on the tractor.

    • GPS Controller

      The optional Raven Envizio Pro GPS system provides hands-free operation of virtually all sprayer functions - Auto Product rate control, Auto Swath/Sectional control and GPS guidance.

    • Induction Hopper

      The optional induction hopper allows you to perform all filling tasks from ground level. It has a built in canister washing nozzle.

    • ISOBus Controller

      The optional ISOBus control lets you run the sprayer control function on most tractor terminals that are ISO compatible. This eliminates cab clutter, and provide all rate controlling functionality or GPS if activated on the tractor.

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