Box Scrapers


Gather, carry and shift soil using a single earthmoving scraper. HW Industries manufacture custom-built scrapers available in a range of sizes

Whether you’re filling gullies, flattening paddocks, creating farm raceways, roading or subdivisions, HW Industries have the perfect scraper for you.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Box Scrapers
    • BX Scraper

      This earthmoving scraper known as the BX Scraper range is a leveling, finishing tool that incorporates features that we have in all our HW Maxi earthmovers.

    • High Ground Clearance

      The lift rams on the HW BX range have a very high ground clearance that enables you to dump loads in bigger piles. Also good for backing over high piles of soil to maximum loads in the bowl.

    • Cross Leveling

      Cross leveling is a feature that gives the operator huge benefits for cambers, vee drains, contour work with lasers. Lasers can easily be fitted to give you full automated control.


        The framework on our BX Maxi range is heavy and robust to handle the high horsepower tractors that are available. The double tilt axle is operated by a single ram so it can be operated with one set of remote hydraulic lines.

      • APRON

        The apron is designed to help fill the bowl and this gives the operator the ability to pick up the material and shift it without dragging it along the ground. This saves wear & tear and money and a tidier job.


        All of our BX range have full width cutting features with reversible side cutter to extend wear and help to hold the material inside the bowl width.


        Tyres are wide flotation profile on heavy duty axles.