Comby Spread

The patented Comby Spread attachment can be fitted to any bale feeder, silage wagon or Comby wagon and has been designed especially for spreading causmag, lime flour or minerals directly onto the row of feed.


  1. This convenient spreader mounts easily on the side of any feed out machine and can be operated from the tractor seat using 12 volt off/on control unit.
  2. This unit controls the special auger which delivers a measured amount of causmag onto the row with the assistance of a high velocity blower to ensure an even dusting.
  3. The delivery of product is via a flexible stainless steel tube.
  4. This invention eliminates the need for a separate spreading operation out in the field and the hazards and corrosion associated with spreading causmag over the load in a feed out wagon.
  5. The Comby Spread is constructed of 3mm steel plate incorporating a rain proof lid and powder coat finish
  6. This versatile unit can be fitted in a matter of minutes to virtually any feed out wagon or comes as an optional extra on a Supercomby feed out machine.
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Comby Spread

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