Cultivator Cayman CA


The rigid tine chisel cultivator CAYMAN CA is available in the working widths 3 and 3,5 m. and it is ideal for tractors from 120 to 240 HP.

The tine chisel CAYMAN is characterized by its high versatility and is ideal both for mixing the residue in the top layer of the soil and for its complete interment, thanks to the 3 rows of chisels, pace 300 mm, and to its considerable height.

It is supplied with TOP MECC chisel tines (with shear-bolt safety system) or TOP SPRING chisel tines (with double-spring safety system).

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Cultivator Cayman CA


  • Hydraulic folding-back of the “Compact” roller

    Hydraulic “ Compact” lifting system for the roller in order to make the Cayman lighter for its transportation.

    1. Better traction on the front axis
    2. Use of tractors with reduced bulks
    3. By moving the center of gravity forward there will be a 25% decrease of the transport load

  • Conveying discs

    Conveying discs ø 460 mounted on elastic arms and “No grease” bearings in an oil bath

    The set of discs is adjustable for an ideal levelling of the previously mixed soil.

  • Shear-bolt safety system

    The body of the TOP MECC chisel tine is complete with shear-bolt safety system: in the presence of an obstacle the bolt is sheared thereby protecting the structure.

    This solution decreases the total weight of the implement and makes it possible to hitch it to light-weight tractors, which is recommended in case of soft soils free of stones.

  • Double-spring safety system

    The body of the chisel tine in the TOP SPRING version is complete with a new, double-spring safety system, which guarantees the maximum elasticity and a wide range of applications.

    This solution is indispensable for working at high speed, even in the presence of rugged, rocky or very hard soils.



    • 8cm-chisels with 36 cm. fi ns and right and left conveyors
    • Tractor hitch cat. 2 and 3
    • Disassemblable chisel tine support with the exclusive anchoring system on a diagonal frame
    • Mechanically (TOP MECC version) or hydraulically (TOP SPRING version) controlled adjustment of working depth
    • Quick adjustment of the levelling notched disc set
    • Exclusive hydraulic fold-back system of the “Compact” roller (TOP SPRING version)
    • Lighter structure made of high strenght steel


    Trattore potenzaLarg lavoroLarg trasportoProf coltivatoreVomere coltivatoreDistanz tra AncorePeso°)(n°)Kg
    Cayman CA-300 TOP MECC110-20030002980300102901180
    Cayman CA-350 TOP MECC130-20035003490300122901350
    Cayman CA-300 TOP SPRING120-24030002980300102901640
    Cayman CA-350 TOP SPRING140-24035003490300122901940



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