Flailmower TrisToc TT97


The shredders Mod. TrisToc TT97, thanks to their heavy-duty construction are the ideal instrument for shredding and chopping in the open field: bushes, straw, corn stalks, crop residues, woody or organic materials, which are to be found on fallow soil.

Ideal for tractors from 80 to 160 HP, they are manufactured in 3 working widths (2.8, 3 and 3.2 m).

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Flailmower TrisToc TT97



    The self-cleaning rear roller, is characterized by an automatic self-cleaning feature thanks to its position very close to the rotor.


    • Machine with a bent blades or flails rotor (to be chosen)
    • Universal joint with protection
    • Pto 1000 rpm
    • Free wheel in oil bath positioned inside the main gearbox
    • 3-point hitch, Cat. 2 movable
    • Side plates
    • EC protections


    Tristoc TT97-28080-16028003000306052201050
    Tristoc TT97-30090-16030003200326452201100
    Tristoc TT97-320100-1603200340034685220



  • Rear roller with protected bearings

    Rear roller adjustable in 2 positions, with a lateral anti-clogging profile, which makes it possible for the mulched product to be discharges beyond the rear roller.
    The bearings, housed within the side of the machine frame are protected.

  • Pair of rear steering wheels

    Pair of rear steering wheels as an alternative to the rear roller.

  • Front chains

    Set of front chains as an alternative to the metal shields for heavy duty use.

  • Set of a pair of skids

  • Double counter blade

    Set of double counter blade in order to improve the mulching of the vegetation residues.

  • Double frame (double skin)

    The sturdy mulching chamber built with a double metal frame in order to increase the resistance and the integrity of the machine, prevents damages to the rear gate, and presents a counter-blade supplied standard.

    The self-cleaning rear roller (2), is characterized by an automatic self-cleaning feature thanks to its position very close to the rotor.

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