Hardi Ranger

Type Trailed

Tank Capacity 2500 l

Boom Width 12 – 24 m


Class-leading features

Designed to meet the need for a simple and reliable sprayer, RANGER’s success has been proven around the world since it was introduced in 2007.

The small, compact trailed sprayer has consistently lead its class by combining a wide rnage of features with easy operation and maintenance.

Intelligent tank and frame design deliver strength and stability, while quality components ensure high performance and ultimate durability. A wide choice of booms means the sprayer can be set up for almost any type of operation.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Hardi Ranger


  • SelfSteer

    SelfSteer is a simple mechanical steering system with low maintenance and no operation or setting required by the operator during the spray job. The system is coupled to the tractor’s 3-point hitch and gives better tracking on headland. SelfSteer can also be equipped with slope correction, which is manually operated directly from the tractor’s hydraulics to help SelfSteer stay in the tramline in hilly conditions.

  • HC 5500 Controller

    The HC 5500 is a versatile spray computer that supports multiple connections, data inputs, sprayer functions and control to make spraying easier, safer and more precise. The LogicMenu makes it easy to get vital information quickly, and adjust the spray rate on the move. The HC 5500 can also be integrated with a HARDI SprayBox III to add fingertip control offunctions like spray pressure, boom section activation and more.

  • Easy, efficient work zone

    The RANGER work zone gathers all of the sprayer's primary functions into easy-to-reach positions. Everything needed to operate the sprayer is located in the one area, with a clear and logical layout. The pump manifold system is used to switch between operating features such as tank rinse, tank flushing nozzle and TurboFiller.

  • Boom choices from 12 m to 24 m

    RANGER can be equipped with a range of robust steel HARDI booms, to provide an ideal spraying solution for everything from small row crop plots to large, uneven paddocks. • HYS - simple 12 m steel boom with hydraulic folding action. • FALCON - strong, light, two-dimensional steel boom with coil spring boom suspension, available in 12.4 m, 14 m, 15 m, and 16.5 m widths. • EAGLE - Rugged, wide booms with coil spring self-stabilizing trapeze suspension for years of relaible service. Available in 18 m, 20 m, and 21 m widths. • TWINSTREAM - HARDI's unique air-assisted boom system from 20 m to 24 m, offering unrivalled plant coverage and drift control in a wide range of weather conditions.


    • Specifications






      Tank, l (net)





      Pumps, type – l/min

      1303 – 114 or 364 – 194

      1303 – 114 or 364 – 194

      1303 – 114 or 364 – 194

      1303 – 114 or 364 – 194

      Booms, m


      12.5, 14, 15, 16.5

      18, 20, 21

      20, 21, 24

      Hydraulic outlets needed (Man.fold models)

      1 single + 1 double acting**

      1 single acting

      1 single + 1 double acting**

      1 single + 1 double acting**

      Hydraulic outlets needed (Hyd. fold models)

      1 double acting**

      1 single + 1 double acting**

      1 double acting**

      1 double acting**

      Weight drawbar (empty tank)*, kg



      Weight axle (empty tank)*, kg



      Weight total (empty tank)*, kg

      1,880 – 2,100

      1,880 – 2,100

      1,740 – 1,880

      1,880 – 2,100

      Total length (steer / no steer), m

      5.80 / 5.93

      5.40 / 5,53

      5.40 / 5.53

      6.10 / 6.23

      Total height, m





      Width with boom in transport position*, m





      Track width, m

      1.50 – 2.00

      1.50 – 2.00

      1.50 – 2.00

      1.50 – 2.00

      Length draw to axle, m





      Ground clearance, m

      0.70 (11.2 × 38)

      0.70 (11.2 × 38)

      0.70 (11.2 × 38)

      0.70 (11.2 × 38)

      RinseTank (optional), l





      Dimensions based on standard (14.9 x 28) tyre
      **Extra outlets needed for Slant on Y version and for Slope correction
      * Measurements: EAGLE 18 m, PRO 24 m
      **Extra outlets needed for Slant on Y version, and for Slope correction
      *** No steer / steer


    • Frame

      The RANGER chassis is built from high tensile steel to give it exceptional strength with relatively low weight. The design also gives the sprayer the lowest-possible centre of gravity, without compromising clearance. The unique arrangement of the axle and frame ensures excellent crop clearance. The drawbar on the tractor and the axle on the sprayer will always be the lowest points on the sprayer. Overall, the chassis is built to last under the most difficult conditions.

    • Axle and wheels

      Adjustable axle The RANGER axle is easily adjustable in 5 cm steps so that it will fit in with almost any row spacings. Simple loosen the spacing bolts and move them to the appropriate position. 70 cm crop clearance The underside of the sprayer is free from portrusions and sharp angles that could damage crops. Clearance from axle to the ground, with standard tyres, is 70 cm.

    • Brakes

      For safer towing on hilly ground and public roads, RANGER is available with 4 different brake options. Be aware that the road transport laws of the different markets must be followed. Wherever brakes are required to meet local regualtions, hydraulic brakes without a handbrake is a competitive solution. For sprayers that will only be used on flat farmland, having no brakes is also an option.

    • Service area

      Along with the logical, central arrangement of all filling and cleaning controls, RANGER is designed with safe, easy operation in mind. The main tank lid is placed very close to the forward inspection platform to allow for easy internal inspections. This and the shape of the tank provides a clear view all around the tank's sides and floor. The inspection platform itself is placed as low as possible, to make access easy. There is also a strong steel hand rail for safety and convenience.

    • Main tank

      The main tank is much wider at the bottom than the top, to give the sprayer a low centre of gravity especially when full. A sloping floor also moves fluid forward as the tank is emptied, to kep weight on the drawbar. This helps to manage the tractor's balance and traction, even when going up slopes, and ensure excellent agitation towards the sump. The tank will drain to completely empty, even on slopes of 10 degrees up or down. Draining the tank can be done by pulling a cord, located at the top of the tank for safety. Agitation is performed by an adjustable-pressure system, so the operator can enure proper chemical mixing without foaming.

    • CleanWater Tank

      An optional 19 l Clean Water Tank, placed by the work zone, provides a source of water for rinsing off gloves and washing contaminated tools.

    • RinseTank

      The RANGER can be equipped with a complete rinsing system, built around a 250 litre Rinse Tank, to help ensure a fast, safe and easy transition between different chemicals. This system can be used to flush the the control unit, pump, filters and boom lines after spraying, as well as the isnide of the Main Tank via the tank flush nozzle. The Rinse Tank is placed on the rear axle for stability, and is filled from the left-hand side of the sprayer.

    • ParaLift boom centre

      The HARDI ParaLift gives superior boom performance compared to traditional H-Frame boom mounts, and needs very little lubrication, adjustment etc. The long lift arms allow for very flexible height adjustment, and the boom can be adjusted from 50 to 170 cm depending on the tyre and boom combination. Widely-spaced attachment points help stabilise the boom in tilt and yaw, for a much smoother ride over sloping or uneven paddocks.


      • Pump

        The heart of the RANGER is its purpose-built HARDI 364 diaphragm pump. This simple, durable and easily-maintained pump can transfer up to 194 litres of fluid per minute. For smaller boom options and lighter use, the sprayer is also offered with the 114 l/min HARDI 1303 diaphragm pump. Both pumps offer a range of practical benefits for agricultural use: • Self-priming • Able to run dry without damage • Easy to service Grease-lubricated crankcase

      • Manifold

        All primary functions needed to operate the sprayer when filling or cleaning have been built into the centrally located manifold system. A logical layout and colour coding, together with easy-to-read icons, makes the system very easy to understand and operate. The design greatly reduces set-up and operation times for the sprayer, and reduces the risk of operator errors.

      • Suction filter

        The RANGER has an optional suction filter. Its unique HARDI S fitting makes service and maintenance quick and easy.

      • CycloneFilter

        The HARDI CycloneFilter is a unique pressure filter that uses a high-speed circular flow for powerful self-cleaning. This 'cyclone' action increases the speed of the liquid against the filter screen, making the self-cleaning action much more effective. The CycloneFilter also has a boost function allowing the filter to be flushed when needed. The filter's design means it can be mounted upright, reducing the risk of spills and pressure loss during inspections.

      • EVC

        EVC with pressure relief and constant pressure The EVC is a modular system with a positive drive motor valve for each section. The durable motors ensure long life with low maintenance. When the section is switched to OFF, the pressure in the line to the nozzles is relieved. This results in an instant shut-off at the nozzles. This system ensures that the spraying pressure remains constant when sections are opened or closed.

      • Pressure control

        The RANGER's pressure regulation system is based on a high capacity bypass valve, with a bleed line to ensure constant flushing. This prevents residue build-up in the valve and minimises the risk of contamination when changing between chemicals. The pressure system includes a fail-safe feature that will enable the operator to finish the spray job and empty the main tank, should there be a pressure failure in the field.

      • TurboFiller

        The HARDI TurboFiller can handle large quantities of powders and liquids. Its high capacity is achieved through a combination of high vacuum and liquid rotation produced by a TurboDeflector inside the hopper. High pressure water creates a powerful rotation inside the hopper, thoroughly mixing powder or liquid before it is sucked into the sprayer. Maximum capacity is achieved when the TurboFiller is more than half-filled with water.