IMPRESS V – variable balers

Technical data

Bale diameter0,8 – 1,550,9 – 1,850,8 – 1,550,9 – 1,85
Bale width1,2 m1,2 m1,2 m1,2 m
Power requirement80 hp80 hp100 hp100 hp
Pickup width2,05 m2,05 m2,3 m2,3 m
Number of knives max.16 pcs.16 pcs.32 pcs.32 pcs.
Knife spacing72 mm72 mm36 mm36 mm
Length4,9 m5,11 m4,9 m5,11 m
Width2,62 m2,62 m2,83 m2,83 m
Height2,83 m3,1 m2,83 m3,1 m
Weight of basic version4750 kg4850 kg4850 kg4950 kg
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
IMPRESS V – variable balers

Standard Equipment


    ChassisSingle axleSingle axle
    Braking systemhydraulic brakeshydraulic brakes
    MountingUniversal drawbar – height adjustable using spindleUniversal drawbar – height adjustable using spindle
    Towing eye50 rotating50 rotating
    PTO shaft guardingWide-angle PTO shaft on one side, equipped with a cam-type clutchWide-angle PTO shaft on one side, equipped with a cam-type clutch
    PTO shaft profile1 3/8″ 6-splines1 3/8″ 6-splines
    P.T.O. shaft – overload protection2350 Nm1600 Nm
    Pick-upPick-up 5-row, working width 2050 mm

    Floating suspension 120 mm of movement

    2 transverse augers per side

    Pick-up 5-row, working width 2300 mm

    Floating suspension 120 mm of movement

    2 transverse augers per side

    Support wheelpivotingTrailed jockey wheel
    Baffle plateCrop press roller with ø 200 mmCrop press roller with ø 200 mm
    RotorLIFTUP Rotor with patented twist design, 4 rows of tines, placed offsetLIFTUP Rotor with patented twist design, 4 rows of tines, placed offset
    Chopping systemFLEXCUT 16 Short chop – chopping system with TWIN BLADE reversible knives

    Variable knife operation system, mechanical

    NONSTOP knife security system

    FLEXCUT 32 Short chop – chopping system with TWIN BLADE reversible knives

    Variable knife operation system

    NONSTOP knife security system

    Knife bankHydraulic folding of knife bank and cutting floor

    patented EASY MOVE function, swing out knife bank

    Hydraulic folding of knife bank and cutting floor

    patented EASY MOVE function, swing out knife bank

    Baling chamberfor the highest level of reliability and flexibility

    3 endless belts

    for the highest level of reliability and flexibility

    3 endless belts

    Front sectionTangential crop flow in the baling chamber

    2 aggressive starter rollers top and bottom, each

    Tangential crop flow in the baling chamber

    2 aggressive starter rollers top and bottom, each

    TailgateHydraulic tailgateHydraulic tailgate
    Compression pressureFlexible soft core setting in 3 zonesFlexible soft core setting in 3 zones
    StrappingNet wrappingNet wrapping

    ISO automatic for speed-dependent tying start

    Net changeNet size max. 1.30 m, diameter up to 0.31 mNet size max. 1.30 m, diameter up to 0.31 m
    Chain lubricationAutomatic chain lubrication

    Central lubrication block

    Automatic chain lubrication

    Roller bearing greased via progressive distributor

    Operationelectronic SELECT CONTROLElectronic comfort operation POWER CONTROL, ISOBUS-compatible
    Hydraulic connection2 x double acting BG 3

    1 x Free return BG 4

    1 x single-acting BG 4

    1 x Free return BG 4

    1 x Load Sensing (option), BG 2

    Electrical connection1 x 7-pin lighting plug

    1 x 3-pin Cobo plug

    1 x 7-pin lighting plug

    1 x 3-pin Cobo plug


  • Pick-up

    Pick-up with maximum capacity

    A controlled floating pick-up

    The PÖTTINGER pick-up is 2.05 m wide (standard MASTER) or 2.30 m wide (standard PRO) and is controlled from both ends by steel cam tracks. The tines are slightly trailing to sweep in a controlled arc and adapt ideally to contours. Clean forage is guaranteed.

    The fully active tine length up to the control point ensures the forage is transferred to the rotor perfectly.

    Combined with the reduced speed of the rotor, the forage is not dragged but fed actively into the rotor.

    Five controlled rows of tines ensure that crop is collected reliably at high capacity, even while driving at high speeds in difficult harvest conditions.

    • Jockey wheels can easily be height-adjusted.
    • Pick-up float function with 8 settings for flexibility in straw.
    • Hold-down roller with a diameter of 200 mm and optimised transfer rods for highest rate of intake.

    Two pick-up widths


    2.05 m, with fixed jockey wheels / optional 2.30 m with trailing jockey wheels.


    2.30 m with trailed jockey wheels.

    Best ground tracking – Clean forage

    Ground adaptation

    The suspension point in the middle of the pick-up and two jointed support arms ensure the pick-up has complete freedom of movement with a unique vertical travel of 120 mm at the tines. To ensure perfect ground tracking and cornering, the 16 x 6.5-8 jockey wheels can be adjusted to ensure they make contact with the ground on precisely the same line as the tines.

    Forage flow

    A swath roller with crop transfer rods guarantees perfect forage flow in every type of crop, even at high speed.

    Two cross conveyor augers on each side ensure optimum feeding. Especially with dry material, these actively convey large volumes for enormous intake capacity.

  • LIFTUP rotor

    Living agricultural technology

    As experts, we at PÖTTINGER face the challenges you find in the field every day.

    Tangential crop flow

    The bale starts turning reliably in all operating conditions. Regardless of whether in wet or dry conditions, whether for straw, hay or silage – here is one machine for all operating conditions.

    32 knives

    16 knives

    Patented spiral configuration

    The bale chamber is fed uniformly across the whole width. This greatly reduces any weaving needed to produce perfectly shaped bales.

    Pull-out EASY MOVE knife bank

    Agriculture needs straightforward operations. LIFTUP technology places the chopping system above the rotor. The higher the number of knives, the greater the importance the ease of maintenance becomes.


    With the IMPRESS, maintenance is straightforward and simple. Another innovation is the use of TWIN BLADE reversible knives, which provide double the service life. Now it is no longer necessary to sharpen knives during a days work.

    The perfect flow – unique crop flow

    IMPRESS crop flow profile

    Literally redefining the crop flow into the baler has brought about many positive advantages: Firstly, the new LIFTUP technology enables a natural flow of crop, so that the forage enters the bale chamber tangentially at an ideal angle. The long transfer throat ensures excellent mixing of the crop. This helps the bale retain its shape even when handled multiple time.

    • Tangential crop flow into bale chamber for a perfect start to the bale.
    • Two starter rollers above and below the throat.
    • The rotor has seven rows of tines arranged in a spiral and a diameter of 650 mm.
    • The loading rotor is mounted on self-aligning ball bearings at both ends.

    Cleaning rotor

    Any material that does fall through is fed back into the flow by the cleaning rotor (1). This is a unique design that solves the problem of disintegration of material with a higher number of knives. The result is a high baling performance with very low disintegration losses.

    • Any disintegrated material is fed back via the cleaning rotor into the flow of crop (2).

  • FLEXCUT 32

    Top-mounted short chop system

    Short chopped length

    Loader wagon chopping quality now available on round balers 36 mm short chop with 32 knives

    The new, pull-out FLEXCUT 32 short chop system features 32 TWINBLADE reversible knives provides a theoretical chopped length of 1.42″ / 36 mm across the entire rotor width.

    PÖTTINGER, the world leader in loader wagons, has thus managed to integrate loader wagon chop quality into a round baler for the first time. Short chop not just for silage, but also for hay and straw. That is unique.

    IMPRESS MASTER models 16 knives, knife spacing 72 mm

    Advantages of the IMPRESS chopping system

    • NONSTOP individual knife protection system.
    • Variable knife group switching offers more flexibility.
    • TWIN BLADE knives – double the service life and replacements are always on-board.

    The knives are produced from hardened tool steel and their pressed serrated edge ensures a precise chop.

    Flexible chopping system floor

    Easy relief of blockages

    If a blockage occurs, the cross section of the throat can be increased temporarily by lowering the chopping system floor vertically (1). This allows the blockage to clear easily and effortlessly.

    Different chopping configurations

    Chopping configurations

    PRO 0 – 16 / 16 / 32 knives

    MASTER 0 – 16 / 16 knives

    Up to 16 knives can be disengaged on the knife bank (MASTER and PRO) to create different chopping configurations. These are always active when the knife bank is swung back in. The knives on the shafts A and B can be pivoted either in or out.

    Variable knife group switching

    Number of knives on the knife bank

    PRO 0 – 16 knives

    MASTER 0 – 16 knives

    On the square cross-section of the interlock shaft, the knife groups A and B are engaged and disengaged using a lever.

    Shaft A

    PRO 0 – 16 knives

    MASTER 0 – 8 knives

    Shaft B

    PRO 16 knives

    MASTER 0 – 8 knives

  • EASY MOVE now available on round balers - unique system

    Patented EASY MOVE system

    EASY MOVE – knife bank system that pulls out from the side

    EASY MOVE – safe and convenient

    The IMPRESS models feature an EASY MOVE knife bank system that pulls out from the side. This offers the highest level of safety and convenience; maintenance takes place at workbench height outside the bale chamber, away from the hazardous area of the round baler. The higher the number of knives, the greater the importance the ease of maintenance becomes. The PÖTTINGER IMPRESS provides an ingenious and convenient solution.

    It’s so easy with an IMPRESS

    • Lower the pick-up and swing out the chopping system hydraulically.
    • Remove cylinder, release knife bank and pull out.
    • Rotate the knife shaft. The knife bank is secured in its outer position and at the same time the knives are released centrally.

    Safe, convenient and time saving

    • The knives can be reversed or replaced quickly and easily.
    • Rotate the knife shaft back again to lock them in place. The knife bank is now ready to be pushed back in.
    • Push in the knife bank, secure, attach cylinder, swing chopping system back in – job done!

  • Net Wrapping

    IMPRESS net wrapping

    The bales are wrapped tightly in the set number of layers of net. The net binding system also boasts several special features: Using a feeder plate, the net wrap is fed reliably into the bale chamber. The net wrap is propelled into the bale chamber quickly.

    When the moveable net wrap feeder unit moves into the chamber, the net wrap brake is deactivated. As soon as the net wrap enters the bale chamber, the net wrap brake is applied so that the net wrap is tensioned and wraps tightly right from the beginning.

    • Maximum net wrap width 1.30 m, diameter up to 31 cm.
    • Spare net wrap roll holders are located behind the covers on each side.

    Changing the roll of net wrap

    Pull back the tracking roller to activate the brake so that the tensioning block can be unbolted.

    Start net wrapping manually or in automatic mode, adapting to bale diameter.


    • Start net wrapping manually or in automatic mode, adapting to bale diameter.
    • Automatic ISO system for speed-dependent wrapping start and adjustable binding delay.

    Automatic pick-up lift
    As soon as the “full signal” sounds, the pick-up is automatically raised.

  • Drawbar / Chassis / Maintenance

    Reliable operation

    Two starter rollers above and below the throat.

    Our customers put their trust in our reliability The bale chamber has two starter rollers above and below the throat to make sure the bale is formed reliably in every situation. All the rollers in the bale chamber are designed for the highest pressures to ensure the greatest reliability.

    Height-adjustable drawbar

    Universal drawbar

    The height of the universal drawbar can be infinitely variable adjusted using two turnbuckles. A ball hitch is also available as an option for the low drawbar.

    • All hoses and cables are routed tidily through the hose holder.
    • A parking stand makes it easy to attach and detach.

    Air brakes or hydraulic brakes

    Axles equipped with brakes enhance safety while driving on the road and in steep terrain.

    Tyres on demand

    MASTER standard tyres 380/55-17,

    optional 500/50-17, 520/50 R 17, 500/60 R 22.5, 620/40 R 22,5

    PRO standard tyres 500/50-17

    optional 520/50 R 17, 500/60 R 22.5, 620/40 R 22,5

    IMPRESS with tandem axle

    Tandem axles

    Optionally available for the smoothest ride in the field and on the road. Tyres 380/55-17, 500/50-17, 520/50 R 17

    The automatic chain lubrication system optimises ease of maintenance and guarantees a long service life of the baler.

    MASTER models


    • Automatic chain lubrication. (1)
    • Greasing of the bearings on the rollers and bale belt bearings via a central greasing point. (2)

    PRO models

    • Automatic chain lubrication. (1)
    • Progressive greasing of the bearings on the rollers using a progressive distributor. One grease nipple.
    • Automatic lubrication system is optional. (3)



    Automatic tailgate

    Tailgate opens automatically after bale has been tied, tailgate closes automatically (only if bale kicker is in use).

  • Operating comfort

    SELECT CONTROL – Electronic comfort control as Standard with all MASTER models


    • Functions can be preselected using the terminal
    • High quality 2-component casing with display and status indicator
    • Raised back-lit keys for optimum visibility at night
    • Operator console with magnet mounting
    • Total bale counter and daily bale counter
    • Flexible soft core setting in 3 zones
    • Acoustic signal before baling starts
    • Acoustic complete-signal
    • Displays belt tension (V), forming pressure (F), diameter, number of net layers
    • Driving direction display
    • Automatic operating modes: Automatic tying system
    • Status symbols for pick-up, knives, chopping floor and net wrapping
    • Setting of bale diameter, net layers and forming pressure

    Hydraulic connections:

    2 x double acting (BG 3), 1 x free flow return (BG 4)

    POWER CONTROL – Electronic control system Standard at IMPRESS PRO models


    • Functions can be controlled directly from the terminal
    • High quality 2-component casing with display and status indicator
    • 4 function keys for convenient operation of additional equipment
    • Raised back-lit keys for optimum visibility at night
    • Diagnostics system: Displays error messages
    • Oil filter (standard)
    • Operator console with suction mounting
    • Total bale counter and 3 separate customer counters
    • Flexible soft core setting in 3 zones
    • Acoustic signal before baling starts
    • Acoustic complete-signal
    • Display of belt tension (V), forming pressure (F), diameter, number of net layers
    • Status symbol for pick-up, knives, chopping floor, tying and automatic lubrication (option)
    • Driving direction monitor
    • Automatic operating modes: Automatic binding, automatic tailgate and pick-up (bale kicker required)
    • Semi-automatic function for all automatic modes – unique feature
    • Setting of bale diameter, net layers and forming pressure

    Hydraulic connections:

    1 x double acting (BG 4) and 1 x free flow return (BG 4)
    1 x load sensing (optional – BG 2)

    CCI 100 ISOBUS – one terminal for everything optional for IMPRESS PRO

    CCI 100 ISOBUS

    ISOBUS is the worldwide standard for the communication between tractors and machinery, as well as the transfer of data between these mobile systems and agricultural office software. The PÖTTINGER CCI 100 ISOBUS terminal not only offers all the functions provided by the POWER CONTROL terminal, but also enables professional operation of all ISOBUS-compatible machines from a wide range of manufacturers.

    • Rugged synthetic casing
    • High quality 8.4″ TFT colour touch-screen
    • Six soft keys on left and right (F1-F12)
    • Ambient light sensor and back-lit function keys
    • Total bale counter and 20 single customer counters
    • USB interface for screen shots and terminal programmer extension
    • Video input for M12x1 camera
    • AUX-Joystick compatible
    • Scroll wheel with confirmation function for direct input and adjustment of setpoints
    • Extended ISOBUS functions:
    • ISO automatic binding (speed signal required via signal socket)

  • Variable chamber round balers

    PÖTTINGER IMPRESS variable chamber round balers


    3-zone soft core control

    IMPRESS 155 V MASTER / 155 V PRO

    Bale width 1.20 m, bale diameter 0.80 to 1.55 m

    IMPRESS 185 V MASTER / 185 V PRO

    Bale width 1.20 m, bale diameter 0.90 to 1.85 m

    Designed for the highest reliability and flexibility.

    The variable chamber models have three endless belts with a hydraulically-adjustable pressure-controlled belt tensioner. The bale density can be variably set using the baling pressure and adjusted to the properties of the material to be baled. The three endless belts make sure the bale rotates in every situation, even with straw.

    3-zone soft core control is standard

    The belt tensioner makes it possible to control variable compression for the bale core, middle zone and outer zone. The size of the zones and the chosen zone pressures can be set using the terminal.

    This makes it possible to produce an extremely wide range of highly stable bales of different diameter. Either with soft or medium-compact cores, compact or soft middle zones and high density outer zones.

    • Hydraulic tailgate, infinitely variable bale diameter.
    • Six pre-select parameters on PRO models for hay/straw/silage.
    • The belt rollers have a cleaning roller to prevent material from building up on the roller.

Customer Benefits

  • Versatile applications

    Agriculture needs reliability. Regardless of whether the sun is shining or it is raining, regardless of whether baling straw, hay or silage. The reliability of our round balers in all operating conditions is a key feature of the PÖTTINGER IMPRESS.

    For all operating conditions

    Reliable bale start even with all knives engaged in all operating situations:

    • Wet or dry conditions.
    • Straw, hay or silage.
    • One machine for all conditions, unique on the market.

    High capacity performance

    The best possible performance, everywhere and any time:

    • Controlled floating pick-up for maximum intake.
    • Innovative LIFTUP overhead rotor makes the highest performance possible.
    • It is possible to drop the feed floor to clear blockages quickly and effortlessly.

    3-zone soft core setting on variable chamber round balers

    Baling pressure can be set flexibly in three zones.

    • Up to 6 preselects for crop-specific parameters in hay, straw and silage.

  • The highest forage quality

    The best forage in every situation. With the PÖTTINGER IMPRESS we can guarantee the best possible handling of every crop, in silage, hay or straw. We redefine established systems and provide loader wagon chopping quality on round balers for the first time, offering the highest possible forage quality.

    Unique 36 mm chopped length

    A short chop length of 36 mm is a world first in round balers and leads to high compression of the crop.

    • A high bale weight with all harvest materials (silage, hay, straw) within the range of +15 % when moving from 16 to 32 knives.
    • Reduces storage area required.
    • Less handling time.
    • Lower transport and storage costs.
    • Lower overall costs thanks to lower netting and film consumption.
    • The best possible forage quality for lower costs.

    Silage – additional advantages of shorter chop length

    • Higher compression, heavier bales – improved fermentation.
    • Homogeneous mixing – improved fermentation stability
    • Easier bale cutting when feeding.
    • Less mixing needed by feed mixer wagon.
    • Less power required.

    Straw – additional advantages with short chop material

    • No additional chopping needed – lower costs.
    • Optimum stalk breakage – higher porosity.
    • No dust generated during handling and distributing.
    • Power saving of up to 20 % compared to baler-mounted straw chopper.
    • Ideally chopped structure for TMR feeding.

    Ground tracking & crop take-up

    Unique floating pick-up system with 120 mm of vertical travel at the tines.

    • Maximum conveying performance at high driving speeds.
    • Reliable high intake performance, even in difficult harvesting conditions.
    • Perfect ground tracking and exact contouring.
    • Clean forage and best silage quality.

    Uniform chop quality

    • Individual knife protection system for consistent chopping quality.
    • TWIN BLADE reversible knives
    • Replacement knives are always on board.
    • Double the service life – long term uniform chop consistency

    Bale quality

    The innovative LIFTUP rotor on the PÖTTINGER IMPRESS enables high baling capacity, while the bale chamber is fed with a uniformly wide blanket of crop. The farmer benefits in every way and this greatly reduces the amount of weaving needed to produce perfectly shaped bales. The result is greater convenience for the driver and better shaped bales.

  • Reliability

    Our customers put their trust in our reliability and with the PÖTTINGER IMPRESS you get that in double helpings. Firstly because our innovative technology makes each working step easier by making operation a lot more convenient. Secondly because we offer the unique advantage of reliability in all situations, ensuring that you make the most of the IMPRESS’s unbeatable technical features regardless of which material you are baling and in which conditions you are working.

    Reliable operation

    • Best possible processing of every type of material (silage, hay, straw) in every situation
    • Reliable bale start thanks to tangential crop flow even with all 32 knives engaged in all operating conditions

    Reduced potential for contamination

    Lower crop losses due to disintegration with an optimised crop flow.

    • Disintegrated material is fed back into the crop flow.
    • Because the chopping system is positioned above the crop flow, it is less prone to contamination.
    • Nonstop individual knife protection system.
    • No blockages of the knife protection system like on conventional systems.

    Automotive-quality paint

    PÖTTINGER painting line technology incorporates cataphoretic dip priming and powder coating.

    • The most environmentally friendly painting methods.
    • Production and processing without solvents.
    • High elasticity and long service life.
    • No cracks form in the paint as a result of stress or deformation.
    • Good corrosion protection.
    • All cavities are coated without exception.
    • Excellent UV resistance.

  • Comfort

    Agriculture needs straightforward operations. While we cannot relieve our farmers and contractors of their work, we can make it easier. We do that by redefining the quality of life with our innovative standards. The IMPRESS round baler demonstrates how performance and convenience can work together perfectly.

    Working convenience

    Unique ease of maintenance:

    • Service the knife bank ergonomically while standing upright.
    • Service the knife bank outside the danger area of the baler.
    • The highest level of safety.

    Reduced weaving

    • The amount of weaving needed is greatly reduced thanks to the wider flow of crop entering the bale chamber.
    • Alleviates driver fatigue.
    • Nicely shaped bales.

    Pre-Selection of knives

    • Patented knife group switching.
    • Flexible selection of the number of knives that are in operation (0–16 / 16 / 32 knives).

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