Jet-X has been designed for professional and intensive agriculture, to be used in the most difficult conditions. The center of gravity is positioned forward in order to allow for a higher stability. All the functions and controls are designed to be user friendly.

The quick linkage system allows an easy detachment of the seed-drill from the power harrow while the sowing management is completely electric so that all calibrations can be done also directly from the tractor cabin by using the ISOBUS system.

A perfect sowing is granted by the Alpego designed metering unit ALPEGO Dosal, by the Turbo Rotal System located in the distribution head and by the new generation seeding bar Rubber.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist


  • The tram-line closing valves

    The new tram-line closing valves allow the use of all of the most common systems for distribution of herbicides. The controlling unit, precisely reduces the distribution of the product to the closed lines.

  • Volumetric metering unit – Jet-X

    Highest use flexibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/ hectare) with a few simple adjustments.
    Built in wear-resistant stainless-steel materials for maximum reliability.
    Suited also for processed seeds or fertilizers.

    1) Improved drill calibration, easy recovery of the product during the calibration process, thanks to the swinging flap.
    2) Speed-variation through gears
    3) Volumetric adjustment for large and fine seeds
    4) Quick access, even to the lower part of the venturi for better cleaning
    5) Large opening for the clearing of the metering unit. This is particularly useful when preparing the machines for storage
    6) Quick rear discharge of the seeds which can be shut even with a full hopper
    7) Practical bag and digital dynamometer for weighing during the calibration process

  • Turbo ROTAL

    The ROTAL system is an innovative system consisting of a spinning impeller located in the centre of the distribution head, that promotes a more uniform distribution of the seed to the seeding rows even in hilly areas thus reducing by a 50% factor the error in distribution homogeneity.

    N.B: Only available for cereal configuration.

  • Isobus

    ISOBUS is a STANDARD communication system to link the controls system of the tractor and the implement.

    Our ISOBUS implements are easily connected electronically to the tractor. Through the one only ISOBUS cable all information needed for the correct
    functioning of our seed drill, are transferred there including the power source.

    The controlling monitor of the seed drill can be the same of the tractor, with the same functions (UT function). This means less purchasing cost, ease of use for the user, and more effi cient utilization of the room available in the tractor cabin. On request Alpego can provide 2 different monitors , both UT (Universal Terminal) and therefore useable with other ISOBUS implements.

    Thanks to ISOBUS it is easily possible to use advanced functions like: variable distribution, parallel assisted drive, automatic closure of seeding sections and other “precision farming” solutions.

  • ASD Distribution head

    Distribution head made of stainless steel.
    The lid can be opened to make cleaning easier.
    Set-up for the electric device for the reduced-size drilling (APD)

  • Alpego Rubber seeding element

    Each Alpego Rubber seeding element is mounted on 4 silent blocks that guarantee a maximum pressure of 60kg.
    This allows for a uniform working depth in every soil conditions. It also allows to overcome any possible obstacle.

    1. Silent Block, elastic system on each seeding element. Does not need servicing.
    2. Protection plate, the protection plate shields the seed flow until its contact with the seeding bed for a uniform sowing action.
    3. Disc coulter, slightly leaning 355 mm disc coulters with sharp edge for an optimum and uniform penetration in all conditions.


  • Seed-Drill Jet-X Equipment

    • Big hopper (2000 liters extensible)
    • Forward position of the center of gravity
    • Centrally positioned volumetric metering unit for small and normal seeds
    • External distribution head with the patented Turbo Rotal system
    • Single disc sowing bar with quick hitch system
    • ISOBUS electronic sowing management
    • Two rows of coulters on Silent blocks

Technical Data

  • Specifications

    Larg trasportoFalcioniDistanz tra file seminaPeso
    Jet-X 300300030024125
    Jet-X 3503500350028125
    Jet-X 4004000400032125


  • Following harrow

    The following harrow is a device at the rear of the coulter ant it consists of a rake which cover up the drilled seeds when going over them.

  • Pre-emergence weeding discs

    The pre-emergence weeding discs mark the gauge of the wheel track combined with the tramline system.

  • Row-marking disc

    The row-marking disc is a device which marks a reference line in the ground in order to make the drilling operation easier.

  • Small rubber wheel for depth control

    The small rubber wheel for depth control is a device which makes it possible to adjust the depth of each drilling coulter disc.

  • Hydraulic bar exclusion

    The shut-off of the hydraulic drill bar makes it possible to lift – and therefore – shut off the drill bar.

  • Hopper extension

    Hopper extension, 2000 liters (1800 + 500 liters)

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