Panbuster Arable Subsoiler

A well aerated and drained soil with good structure will maximise root development. Good root development will assist plant production above ground. The use of a suitable subsoiler can increase production and profitability for any cropping regime.

Arable Subsoiler Features

• Hydraulic reset allows break-back pressure can be varied to suit conditions.
• Special rubber mounted main pivot allows the leg to oscillate sideways round obstacles increasing protection further.
• Solid main arms set new standards for strength and reliability.
• Reset trips up and back to minimise stress and prevent stones rising to the surface.
• Tooth packer gives positive depth control improved traction and levels the surface.
• Hydraulically adjustable rear roller c/w indicator.

Arable Subsoiler Options

• Unipack type roller.
• DD packers.
• Drill mounting kit.
• Removal of hydraulic depth units.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Panbuster Arable Subsoiler

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