Power Discs

“Reduce your compaction footprint. Improve your trash handling. Create great tilth!
This is what we’re all about at Taeges!”

Introducing Taege’s new Power Discs. With their semi-cultivation aspect, they leave minimal compaction whilst creating great tilth.

The power disc allows pre-entry tilth for existing drills and has a massive advantage on precision drills, which traditionally had to be fully cultivated prior to use, the Taege power discs give minimum tillage over a smaller area or same tillage over the determined area, which enhances the use of precision drills without the need for full cultivation.

Traditionally pre-entry discs required forward speed and weight to go in, whereas the Taege power disc goes in naturally. With a key difference being the Taege power discs are on arms attached to the drawbar. The arms pivot up and down to give depth control.

With the power discs on the front of a precision drill, they create a fine tilth for the placement of the seed. They cut down the amount of cultivation required and farmers can leave more trash and add more carbon into the soil, creating the best start for seedlings.

The discs create perfect conditions for establishing fodder beet because they create tilth where the seeds go but do not disturb the sprayed-out grass around them, which stabilises the soil against erosion and provides a windbreak for the emerging seedling.

The power discs are also great at de-thatching. They cut into the ground naturally and loosen it up. Dealing with permanent pasture is easy for these discs. The serrated teeth cut the ground like a skill saw blade.

They can also be used for under-sowing. They create tilth in the rows where the new species are to go without disturbing the established pasture.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Power Discs

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