• Manual feed rate control
  • Tandem axle with 3 positions for variable draw-bar loading
  • Ladder, mudguards/walkways and LED tail lights fitted
  • Double chassis ready for scales
  • High tensile floor shaft
  • Priority belt speed control
  • Stainless steel sides for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Mesh front screen and back gate for good visibility
  • Self-releasing back gate – opens automatically when bulk unloading
  • Central greasing system for difficult-to-access bearings
  • Cast iron bearings for long life
  • 35mm treated T&G pine floor for extra durability
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist



    Overall Length7.475m
    Overall Width2.750m
    Overall Height2.790m
    Loading Height2.440m
    Bin Length5.200m
    Bin Height1.470m
    Bin Width2.050m
    Tare Weight3750kg
    Cubic Capacity16.0m3
    Conveyor Belt Width900mm
    No. of Floor Chains4
    Load Cells6x 5000kg
    Jack Type80mm screw
    Axle TypeTandem
    Axle Size80mm (8 stud)
    Wheels15.0/70 x 18


  • Forage Wagon Wheel Options

    There are many types of tyre options available. They all have various tread patterns and ground pressure properties to allow them to continue working in difficult conditions.

    Below are sizes and types usually fitted to Forage Wagons.

    • A. 15.0/70 x 18AW tandem unbraked axle
    • B. 400R x 22.5 tandem unbraked axle
    • C. 500/45 x 22.5 tandem unbraked axle
    • D. 500/60 x 22.5 tandem unbraked axle
    • E. 560/60R x 22.5 single unbraked axle

  • Hydraulic Brakes

    Hydraulic brakes provide operator safety and allow machine operation in difficult terrain.

    Hydraulic brakes are available for most machines. On tandem axles, brakes are fitted to the front hubs only. If necessary, 4-wheel braking is available. The drum brakes work off external tractor hydraulics and have an adjustable relief valve and hoses included in the kit.

    Braking systems are also available for tractors fitted with factory braking circuits that then operate when the brake pedal is depressed.

  • Wireless Scales

    Wireless weighing technology

    Wireless technology is used to relay wagon data from the controller on the wagon to the control unit mounted on the tractor. Designed and manufactured specifically for forage wagons, this system integrates scales and feeding. Powerfully capable, yet simple to use, the controller has large buttons and an easy-to-read back-lit display. The control unit allows the operator to constantly monitor weight changes, all from the tractor seat.

    Loading the wagon becomes more accurate. With the digital display mounted in the cab, sunlight or bad weather won’t be a problem anymore. Each load can be monitored and guesswork reduced.

      • Option 1. Upgrade to wireless scales with manual floor control
        Loading the wagon becomes more accurate. With the digital display mounted in the cab, sunlight or bad weather won’t be a problem anymore. Each load can be monitored and guesswork reduced. Feed rate is still controlled by manually altering the control on the wagon.
      • Option 2. Upgrade to wireless control from manual control
        This can be added to Option 1 Scales or fitted by itself to give total control over the feed-out rate. Great if you are feeding bales.
      • Option 3. Add wheel sensor for ground speed compensation
        Paddock feeding is easier too. Undulating terrain is now compensated for by automatically adjusting the feed rate while you drive. If you speed up, so does the machine. If option 4 is also fitted, this gives the operator all the advantages of Option 5 – Full Automatic Control.
      • Option 4. Upgrade to wireless scales with floor control
        Loading the wagon becomes more accurate. With the digital display mounted in the cab, sunlight or bad weather won’t be a problem anymore. Each load can be monitored and guesswork reduced.

    Set a feed weight limit. The machine will feed out the amount you’ve entered then sound a beeper and stop the floor movement.

    Stop, start and adjust the discharge rate when needed, all while on the move, from the tractor seat.

    • Option 5. Upgrade to wireless scales with full automatic control
      This combines options 3 and 4. The feed pad now becomes simple maths rather than complicated guesswork. Enter information such as your overall feed pad length and how much you want to feed. The machine does the rest by dividing how much you want to feed over the length of the bins. No more unequal feeding and hungry cows.

  • Raising Blocks

    Get extra height easily.

    Raising blocks give extra clearance when towing a wagon over a silage stack or feeding into bins. These bolt between the axle and the machine and are available in 100mm or 150mm sizes. A secondary option of extra height is required for feeding into bins. A Quick Hitch on the tractor is also required.

  • Conveyor Autoshift

    Move the conveyor bed in and out with this hydraulically powered kit.

    Moving the cross conveyor bed out by 200-250mm will place feed in your bins better, saves tyres and damage to bins by not having to drive as close. It requires one set of double-acting hydraulic outlets.

  • 900mm Chain & Slat Conveyor

    In lieu of 900mm belt.

    Great if feeding really light product or a lot of square bales.

  • 1200mm Chain & Slat Conveyor

    In lieu of belt option. High volume, light product and square bales make this the option to choose.

  • 1200mm Wide Belt

    In lieu of standard 900mm belt. A good option if requiring large volumes of feed.

  • Larger Opening on Cross Conveyor

    Suits bales.

    This option increases the size of the outlet for the cross conveyor. Better when delivering high volumes and square bales.

  • Cross Conveyor Extension 900mm long

    For feeding into bins when a side lift wagon cannot be used. Requires a double-acting hydraulic remote service.

  • Cross Conveyor Extension 2100mm long

    Heavy duty.

    Great if wanting to feed over fences or into waste-not feeders (height dependent).

    Requires 1 double-acting hydraulic remote service.

  • Other

    Other Optional Extras:

    • Sprung axles
    • Sprung steering axle
    • Extra RF Wireless Display Monitor
    • Extra RF Cradle & Wiring Loom
    • K80 ball hitch
    • Silage cage complete with hydraulic rear door

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