Seed-Drill Airspeed AS4


The folding pneumatic seed-drill Airspeed AS4 is a revolutionary machine, thanks to its Alpego patented system, which allows the transfer of the seeds from the front hopper to the small container placed at the rear on top of the power harrow, thereby guaranteeing a better drilling precision, less waste of seeds and a very good balance of the tractor.

Its combination with the Alpego Rubber disc coulter bar is particularly efficient, since it makes drilling possible under any type of soil: sandy, hard or very wet and sticky.

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Seed-Drill Airspeed AS4


  • Folding version

    Reduced overall dimensions. Maximum width 2.50 meters

  • ASD Distribution head

    Distribution head made of stainless steel.
    The lid can be opened to make cleaning easier.
    Set-up for the electric device for the reduced-size drilling (APD)

  • Large capacity hopper

    Big hopper extending on request.

  • Volumetric metering unit DOSAL

    Highest use flexibility of the volumetric metering unit: suitable for small and large seeds and fertilizer (from 1.8 to 350 kg/ hectare) with a few simple adjustments.

    Built in wear-resistant stainless-steel materials for maximum reliability.

    Suited also for processed seeds or fertilizers.

    • Improved drill calibration, easy recovery of the product during the calibration process, thanks to the swinging flap.
    • Speed-variation through gears
    • Volumetric adjustment for large and fine seeds
    • Quick access, even to the lower part of the venturi for better cleaning
    • Large opening for the clearing of the metering unit. This is particularly useful when preparing the machines for storage
    • Quick rear discharge of the seeds which can be shut even with a full hopper
    • Practical bag and digital dynamometer for weighing during the calibration process

  • Alpego Rubber seeding element

    Each Alpego Rubber seeding element is mounted on 4 silent blocks that guarantee a maximum pressure of 60kg.

    This allows for a uniform working depth in every soil conditions. It also allows to overcome any possible obstacle.

    1. Silent Block, elastic system on each seeding element. Does not need servicing.
    2. Protection plate, the protection plate shields the seed flow until its contact with the seeding bed for a uniform sowing action.
    3. Disc Coulter, slightly leaning 355 mm disc coulters with sharp edge for an optimum and uniform penetration in all conditions.



    POWER Equipment:

    • Multi-function computer for the control of: fan + metering unit + hectare counter + tramlines + sawing management
    • Distribution head outside of hopper
    • Radar for detecting forward speed
    • Hydraulic distribution fan
    • Pneumatic transfer of the seeds by means of an hydraulic suction pump
    • Intermediate hopper with a total volume of 150 liters
    • Volumetric metering unit for large and small seeds
    • Conveying hose between the hoppers
    • Quick emptying of the hopper
    • Electronic motor for the volumetric metering unit
    • Electronic sawing test, This allows to change sawing quantities without acting directly on the metering unit
    • Dynamic variation of sawing quantity
    • Pre-Start function: early start-up of the calibrating unit

    POWER-PLUS Equipment (adds to Power equipment):

    • Tram-Line system (4 exits)
    • Second seed level for front hopper


    Larg lavoroLarg trasportoFalcioniDistanz tra file seminaPeso
    Airspeed AS4-4004000250032125974
    Airspeed AS4-45045002500361251039
    Airspeed AS4-50050002500401251104
    Airspeed AS4-60060002500401501184
    Airspeed AS4-60060002500481251270


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