The Super Comby EX is the most versatile feed out machine on the market. It literally feeds out every supplementary type of feed you can lay your hands on, including all bale types, shapes and sizes with an in-built bale loading system. And any type of loose feed that can be loaded with a loader including fine chop silage, maize silage, root-crops, vegetables and more.

Comby feeders are the only multi feeder on the market that is scalable, meaning should you grow your operation, you’re not up for a new feeder. Simply add the forks and bin to any standard machine and the load level capacity increases from 13.0m3 – 15.0m3.


  • VERSATILITY – If you’re feeding a combination of bales, silage, root-crops or any other supplementary feed, then the Super Comby EX is the only feeder you’ll need. Super Comby EX is able to feed all types, shapes and sizes bales including straw, hay and baled silage, fine chop silage, maize silage, root crops and literally any type of feed you can lay your hands on. The unique elevator design delivers feed out of the side of the machine allowing you to feed into troughs, feed-pads, bunks or open pasture
  • CONTROL – The unique design of the Super Comby EX provides the operator with more control and visibility of the task at hand. More control over the feed-row lets you maximise your feed by varying from light for sheep and deer to the heavier row for feeding cattle and anything in between with no big clumps left in the pasture. The ability to see the entire load from the comfort of your seat puts you in control of feeding
  • RELIABILITY – The combination of a tough, well-proven design with the design smarts of the unique load dividing system reduces loads and stresses on drives, motors, shafts and the floor extending the working life, reducing maintenance and less to wear out which lets you spend more time feeding out, less time in the workshop.
  • EASY TO USE – With a simple Joystick Control Feeding System only 2 double acting hydraulic outlets are required to operate the entire machine. Elevator, loading forks, main floor and cross floor giving you more control, from your fingertips. You have full control of the feed material, being able to forward and reverse all floor movements.
  • SCALABILITY – With the Super Comby EX you have the ability to up-size your multi-feeder as your farm grows, without the need to upgrade to a new wagon. Add the rear bin at any time to the standard 13 cbm Super Comby EX to increase capacity to 15 cbm.
  • COMPACT – The Super Comby EX is the most compact and manoeuvrable silage feeder and/or bale feeder in the 13 cbm class than to the ability to load the entire feeder, including the cross floor.
  • ACCURATE FEED DELIVERY – All Comby feeders now come load cell ready as standard, which allows you to add the weighing option when it suits your operation so you can accurately measure the correct amount your herd needs, reducing waste and increasing the performance of your farm.
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist


  • Positive Drive Cross Conveyor

    Minimal maintenance, ultra-high breaking strain and a positive drive. Never worry about a derailed or stretched conveyor belt again.

  • Tilting Elevator

    Allows the operator to easily feed into troughs bunks or pasture, and to vary the thickness of the feed-line. The generous overhang eliminates feed being driven over by the wheels, whilst maintaining stability.

  • Finger Tip Control

    Standard in-cab electric joystick gives fingertip control over the entire feeder, letting you control the feed row of any feed type and density.

  • Load Dividing

    The unique load dividing design utilises the entire body for storage capacity, making for a more compact and manoeuvrable feeder with better visibility of the load and more weight transferred to the tractor, especially important when operating in the field.

  • 1635mm wide elevator

    The widest elevator on the market, handle any shape or size of supplementary feeds, even the largest of 5’ bales. And the chain/slat design never slips or stretches like that of a conveyor belt. The new design has a 500mm longer elevator.

  • Strong RHS Bars

    RHS bars are substantially stronger torsionally than angle type bars of same size. We’ve used RHS bar on all floors for strength and reliability.



      Round Bales:4-8 (5-9 with optional forks)
      Medium Square Bales:6-8 (8-10 with optional forks)
      Large Square Bales (8ft): 5 (6 with optional forks)5 (6 with optional forks)
      Loose silage (load level):13m3 (15m3 with optional bin extension)
      Loose silage (heaped load):15.5m3 (17m3 with optional bin extension)
      Optional Grain Feeding System:800kg
      Optional Causmag spreader:75kg
      Overall width:2900mm
      Overall length:7180mm (9580mm with optional forks)
      Overall height/loading height:1950mm
      Tare weight:2960kg (3470kg with forks and bin)
      Tare weight optional grain feeding system:300kg
      Standard tyres:400/60 x 15.5AW
      Axle:6 stud x 70mm sq, tandem oscillating
      Brakes:Optional 2 or 4 wheel braking
      Weigh Scales:Optional 6 cell
      Floor:Welded steel floor
      Joystick:In-cab electric fingertip control
      Hydraulics required:2 pair double acting (additional 1 pair double acting required for forks)
      Elevator:1635mm wide chain/slat
      Jack:80mm screw, with quick adjustment


    • Comby Spread:

      Spread Causmag, Magnesium, lime flour and other minerals directly on top of the feed row, saving you another trip to the field and reducing waste. Connects to existing hydraulic circuit and is switched on/off from the cab. 75kg capacity.

    • Weigh Scales:

      Accurately feed your livestock with the optional 4 cell weighing scale which weigh the entire load when the machine is both on and off the tractor. Choose fixed, or wireless scales. We use round load cells, which are stronger, and more accurate because they can flex without distorting the measurement and are more reliable.

    • Road Light Kit:

      With road regulations increasing, we make it easy for you to comply with a factory installed road light kit which includes and hazard panels, and the safety chains are standard equipment.

    • Feed Pad Kit:

      An optional extra for the Comby Range that eliminates leakage.

    • Brakes

      For added operator safety both on and off the road. Choose 2 wheel braking or maximum braking on all 4 wheels.

    • Grain Feeding System

      Feed grain on top of the silage or hay for more efficient grain feeding, saving you an extra trip to the field and reducing waste. Connects to existing hydraulic circuit and is switched on/off from the cab. 800kg capacity.

    • Self Loading Forks

      Boost the capacity of your Super Comby EX, and reduce loading time when feeding bales with these self-loading forks. Requires 1 pair of double acting remotes.

    • Silage Extending Bin

      Increase the capacity of your Super Comby by 2.6 cbm (load-level) at time of purchase or at a later date as your farm grows without the need to replace the whole feeder.

    • Tyre Options

      400/60 R15.5 Tractor grip floatation

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