Folding compact disc harrows – 4, 5 and 6 m working width

Technical data

Working width4 m5 m6 m
Number of discs32 pcs.40 pcs.48 pcs.
Disc diameter58 cm58 cm58 cm
Disc spacing12,5 cm12,5 cm12,5 cm
Gang spacing90 cm90 cm90 cm
Under frame clearance75 cm75 cm75 cm
Power requirement135 hp170 hp190 hp
Transport width2,8 m2,8 m2,8 m
Weight of basic version2535 kg2985 kg3515 kg
Weight cage roller Ø 540 mm480 kg619 kg680 kg
Weight cage roller Ø 660 mm610 kg766 kg850 kg
Weight double cage roller760 kg880 kg1040 kg
Weight knife ring roller Ø 540 mm610 kg720 kg840 kg
Weight pack ring roller Ø 550 mm820 kg1010 kg1190 kg
Weight rubber packer roller Ø 590 mm1000 kg1120 kg
Weight CONOROLL Ø 540 mm620 kg740 kg860 kg
Weight Tandem CONOROLL Ø 560 mm950 kg1160 kg1370 kg

Standard Equipment

MountingRear three-point
Mounting optionThree point linkage c/w enclosed lower link pins
Mounting categoryCat. II / 2
Cat. III / 3
Working depth settingHydraulic depth preselect
Disc hubsTwin race ball bearings with six lip labyrinth seal
Hydraulic connection2 x double acting
1 x single-acting
Standard equipment includesEdging boards
Mounting for rear roller
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist




    Foldable disc harrow
    Foldable disc harrowThe large folding disc harrows have been developed for high output stubble cultivation and general seedbed preparation.TERRADISC 4001 K / TERRADISC 5001 K / TERRADISC 6001 K mounted, foldable compact disc harrowsTERRADISC mounted disc harrows feature a compact frame.Three lower linkage heights with Cat. 2/2 and Cat. 3/3 clevis-type mounting lugs are standard.

    The three top linkage positions give optimum adjustment to fit all tractors.

    Convenient operation

    Convenient operation
    Convenient operationWorking depth is quickly pre-set hydraulically without risk to the operator. Depth adjustment of the rear roller and levelling tines is fine-tuned using swing clips on the hydraulic cylinders. Access to the swing clips is easy and safe on both sides. The weight of the rear rollers is transferred to the disc harrow for reliable soil penetration.Road TransportHydraulic folding enables convenient and trouble-free road transport at a width of 2.80 m. The disc harrows are folded in two halves to achieve a low transport height. The automatic transport interlocks are operated by hydraulically actuated lock pins.



    A uniform surface finish with the best mixing performance meets farmer’s and contractor’s expectations in the field. To achieve this, PÖTTINGER has optimised the geometry, size, mounting angle and penetration angle of the discs. The result: Low drag resistance, perfect ground penetration, best crumbling and mixing effect.

    TWIN ARM – the heart of the machine

    TWIN ARMTwo solid forged carrier arms are welded to a very wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard tyre tracks are broken up reliably.The rugged scalloped discs made of special heat-treated steel have a diameter of 58 cm. Eight discs per metre of working width equate to a spacing of just 12.5 cm. The optimised interplay of ground penetration angle and mounting angle ensure perfect performance. The offset configuration of the aggressive discs mixes harvest residues effectively into the soil.

    NON STOP stone protection

    NON STOP stone protection
    NON STOP stone protectionProven over many years in the field, the maintenance-free NON STOP trip protection system features 40 mm thick rubber elements. The clamping brackets are mounted on a thick-walled box section frame. Four rubber elements between each wide clamping bracket and the box section provide the discs with high penetration power.
    Disc bearings
    Disc bearingsFast operating speeds and working depths down to 12 cm mean the disc bearings have to withstand considerable stress. That is why PÖTTINGER has implemented high-quality bearings for an extended service life.Die speziellen zweireihigen Schrägkugellager wurden aus der Baumaschinen- Industrie übernommen. Ruggedness and reliability are guaranteed as a result and impacts are absorbed perfectly.

    • The sealed, twin-race tapered bearings are completely maintenance-free.
    • A labyrinth seal provides perfect protection for the bearing.
    • A metal cover encapsulates the labyrinth seal for additional security.
    • The bearings are fitted to the disc carrier arm by a stub axle.
    • The nuts are protected by caps mounted on the same axle bolt.

    Generous inter-disc clearance

    Generous inter-disc clearance
    Generous inter-disc clearanceIdeal cultivating results are achieved thanks to optimum spacing of the discs.

    • Plenty of space between discs and carrier arms.
    • The carrier arms are angled facing the direction of rotation so that there is no risk of stones or harvest trash becoming lodged between the disc and arm.
    • A large clearance between the disc and clamping bracket means large quantities of organic matter can easily pass through.

  • Convenient operation

    Convenient operation

    Hydraulic depth adjustment
    Hydraulic depth adjustmentThe rear rollers assume the role of depth control for the disc harrow. Working depth is adjusted hydraulically and quickly without risk to the operator. The weight of the roller is transferred to the disc harrow during operation. Thus ensuring reliable penetration on dry and hard ground.Convenient adjustmentSetting up for different soil conditions must be quick and straightforward. On the TERRADISC compact disc harrow that’s conveniently solved with hydraulic depth adjustment.

    • Folding 5 mm-thick spacer plates are used to fine-tune depth control.
    • The trailed harrow tines are adjusted in unison with the roller mounting arms.
    • No complicated manual intervention required – convenience that every tractor driver deserves.

    Road Transport

    Road Transport
    Road Transport

    The outer disc pairs are folded upwards hydraulically for transport on the road. The edging plate is simply pushed inwards for transport widths of 3.0 m, 3.50 m and 4.0 m.

    • The TERRADISC 3501 can be transported on the road unaccompanied in situations where laws permit a width of 11.84′ / 3.50 m.
    • That offers up to 17 % higher output compared to a 9.84′ / 3.0 m implement.

  • Discs, harrows and edging boards

    Discs, harrows and edging boards

    Adjustable outer discs

    Adjustable outer discs
    Adjustable outer discsOn the left and right the outermost concave discs are depth adjustable. This means you achieve perfect merging of passes.

    Levelling harrow

    The optional spring steel levelling tines deflect the flow of soil to the rear roller, crumbling and levelling the ejected mixture of trash and soil. The height of the levelling tines, which are 14 mm thick and feature tangential geometry, is adjusted when the position of the rear roller is changed.

    • The basic height and angle settings are preset using a pin-in-hole matrix.
    • The position of the tines changes in accordance with the working depth. The deeper the setting the easier the flow of material to the rear.

    Edging boards as standard

    For a uniform surface finish, adjustable edging boards are provided on both sides as standard equipment.

  • Rear rollers

    Rear rollers

    It’s your choice. PÖTTINGER offers a wide range of rear rollers for perfect results with the desired tilth in any type of soil. The whole range of rollers features precision manufacturing and robust design engineering.

    Cage roller

    Cage roller
    Cage rollerThe ideal roller for dealing with dry, non-sticky soils. The roller is fitted with strong bars for optimal compression.Diameter 540 mm, 11 bars.Diameter 660 mm, 12 bars.

    Double cage roller

    Double cage roller
    Double cage rollerThe double cage roller is fitted with two different diameter rollers (540 mm front and 420 mm rear). The pendular function ensures optimum ground tracking and perfect tilth.

    Knife ring roller

    Knife ring roller
    Knife ring rollerThe advantages of the cutting ring roller with a diameter of 540 mm include enhanced crumbling and re-consolidating by means of wedge-shaped rings. The knives between the rings break up clods and keep the rings clean. Compression in strips has the advantage that water can be absorbed better. The right choice if you are working on dry and heavy soil with no rocks or stones.

    Pack ring roller

    Pack ring roller
    Pack ring rollerThe packer rings, which are closed on the sides, have a diameter of 550 mm. There are eight rings per metre of working width. The roller leaves consolidated ridges, promoting water absorption and soil respiration. This is the ideal roller on stony, damp ground with large quantities of organic matter. The scrapers are coated for an extended working life.

    CONOROLL roller

    Roller print CONOROLLThis roller consists of rings with a diameter of 540 mm. Each ring is made up of four conical segments that are offset to the left and right. The result is a slot with alternate indentations on either side. When rainwater seeps into these indentations, they prevent it from flowing away. Erosion caused by rainfall is minimised thanks to the optimum structure created on the soil surface. The loose soil between the rings ensures good drainage.The gap between each ring is 15 cm. Spring-mounted scrapers are located in between. These promote the formation of a fine tilth while keeping the space between the rings clean. The load-bearing capacity of the conical ring roller is limited on very light soil. This is an ideal roller for medium to heavy soils. The side segments are covered. This guarantees trouble-free operation in harvest residues and stones.

    Tandem CONOROLL roller

    Tandem CONOROLL
    Tandem CONOROLLThe Tandem CONOROLL consists of 2 rollers. The diameter of the rings is 560 mm. Each ring is made up of four conical segments that slant to the left and right. Erosion caused by rainfall is minimised thanks to the optimum structure created on the soil surface. The loose soil between the rings ensures good drainage. The spacing between the rings is 15 cm. Works well on light soil. Ideally suited to trailed machines. The inclination of the roller can be adjusted to allow for the working depth and conditions. This guarantees trouble-free operation in harvest residues and stones.

    Rotopack roller

    Rotopack roller
    Rotopack rollerRotopack rollers mix particularly intensively – for light to heavy, nonsticky soils. Harvest residues remain on the surface of the soil and protect your soil against drying out. Working width 3.0 m.

    Rubber packer roller

    Rubber packer roller
    Rubber packer rollerThe perfect roller for widely varied soil conditions. Especially for use with trailed implements where the load-bearing capacity of other rollers is near the limit. A diameter of 590 mm and the special profiling allows the soil to be compacted in rows. The scrapers are coated for an extended working life.

  • TEGOSEM - catch crop sowing system

    TEGOSEM – catch crop sowing system

    TEGOSEM 200 / TEGOSEM 500

    The TEGOSEM catch crop sowing unit combines soil cultivation and sowing a catch crop in a single pass to save time and costs. The TEGOSEM can be combined with the PÖTTINGER SYNKRO stubble cultivators as well as with TERRADISC disc harrows. This new unit can be used in conjunction with three-point mounted and trailed models.

    Standard equipment and controls

    Control terminal
    Control terminalDGPS sensor for speed sensor
    DGPS sensor for speed sensorThe TEGOSEM is operated from the driver’s seat using a convenient control terminal.Functions

    • Metering shaft control & monitoring, Seed rate electronically adjustable
    • Displayed in kg/ha
    • Priming function
    • Headland management
    • Automatic calibration
    • Total hectare counter and daily hectare counter
    • Calibration button -calibration at the press of a button
    • Emptying function to empty seed hopper
    • Seed level sensor
    • DGPS sensor for speed sensor
    • Pressure guage on hydraulically driven fans for trailed models
    • Sensors on top link or chassis for start/stop of the metering
    • Safe access using platform and steps
    • Small and large seed metering wheels

    Precision sowing

    Outlet with distribution plate
    Outlet with distribution plateOutlets for seed distribution.
    Outlets for seed distribution.The seed material is distributed evenly with the TEGOSEM. The metering system is driven electrically. Two different metering cell wheels are provided as standard to ensure precision distribution for small or large seeds even at low seed rates. Eight outlets handle seed distribution.

    Seed distribution

    The seed is distributed pneumatically via distribution plates, which guarantees pinpoint precision regardless of the wind conditions. The spread pattern of the seed can be adjusted by rotating the mounting shaft. The fan is driven electrically up to a working width of 4.0 metres and hydraulically when wider than 5.0 metres. For trailed stubble cultivators and disc harrows, such as the SYNKRO T and TERRADISC T, the TEGOSEM is only available with a hydraulically driven fan.


    Calibration starts at the press of a button
    Calibration starts at the press of a buttonCalibration is easy: the calibration procedure is started by the press of a button. A calibration bag is provided as standard equipment. A logical guide makes each calibration step easy to follow.

    Metering start/stop

    A sensor on the top link detects when to start and stop metering. On trailed models, this is detected using a load cell on the drawbar.


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