Vertical Self-Propelled Models AVM Wolf Deluxe

The ZAGO R&D department is proud to introduce the latest in innovative technology: the AVM Wolf Deluxe horizontal self-propelled T.M.R. feed mixer.

Specifically designed for road use, it can safely reach up to 40 km/h in full control offering excellent performance on any type of terrain. Built to meet contractor, coop and large farm needs.

The AVM Wolf Deluxe adopts the perfected vertical mixing system that provides faster mix preparation times.

The chassis, mounted on sturdy trestle sections, is equipped with exclusive ZAGO MULTI-LINK front and rear hydraulic suspensions to guarantee stability and adherence.

Axles with large wheels, Brembo ø400 mm front self-ventilated hydraulic clamp disk brakes and oil-bath rear disk brakes.

The reduced axle base provides easy manageability even in tight passages. 4-sensor weighing system.

The miller cutter, 200 cm wide, guarantees high performance and maximum load speed in both rotation directions thanks to the 70 cm wide in-feed elevator. The two 95 kW piston motors allow for flour, long fibres, grass silage, straw and various other silage to be loaded, maintaining their integrity.

Mechanical auger transmission reduces power absorption, guaranteeing low consumption and minimum maintenance costs.

Available with Deutz Stage III Turbo-Intercool 6 cylinder 140 kW drive.

Significantly large self-cleaning radiators and highly accessible technical compartments make maintenance easy.

Hydrostatic drive transmission with two gear motors on the rear wheels, with automatic transmission for differentiated AUTOMOTIVE drive.

The AVM Wolf Deluxe series is available with 15 m³ cubic volume.

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
Vertical Self-Propelled Models AVM Wolf Deluxe

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