FARO Silage wagon with loading rotor

Power requirement 90 to 150 hp – volume 23 to 48 m³

With the FARO series, we can meet your demand for high performance rotor technology using average power requirement.

Technical Data

FARO 5010 LFARO 5010 D
Length9,14 m9,61 m
Width2,42 m2,42 m
Height with 17″ tyres3,76 m3,76 m
Height with 22.5″ tyres3,88 m3,88 m
Number of scraper floor chains4 pcs.4 pcs.
Scraper floor motor (standard)1-speed1-speed
Scraper floor motor (option)2-speed2-speed
Length loading area (Width 2,1)6,36 m6,11 m
Loading volume (DIN 11741)33 m³32 m³
Number of knives max.31 pcs.31 pcs.
Theoretical chopped length45 mm45 mm
Pickup width1,85 m1,85 m
Track width1,85 m1,85 m
Weight of basic version5850 kg6350 kg
ChassisTandem axleTandem axle
Permissible laden weight (standard)15000 kg15000 kg
Permissible laden weight max.18000 kg18000 kg
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
FARO Silage wagon with loading rotor

Standard Equipment

  • FARO 3510 / 4010

    ChassisTandem axle
    Chassis suspensionLeaf springs
    Travelling speed max.40 km/h
    Mud guardsNo
    Braking systemhydraulic brakes
    Tyres – profile500/50-17
    Mountinghydraulic drawbar
    Towing eye50 rotating
    Drawbar weight, max.2000 kg
    PTO shaft guardingWide-angle PTO shaft on one side, equipped with a cam-type clutch
    PTO shaft profile1 3/8″ 6-splines
    P.T.O. shaft – overload protection1600 Nm
    PTO speed1000 rpm
    Pick-upwith roll
    Support wheelpivoting
    Loading rotorROTOMATIC PLUS
    Number of knives31 pieces
    Knife bankHydraulic folding
    Knife bank (option)EASY MOVE side pivot system
    Structureall-steel structure

    Adjustable top section (max./-120 mm/-210 mm)

    Beaters (D)2 pcs.
    TailgateHydraulic tailgate
    Operationelectronic operation via DIRECT CONTROL
    Operation (D)electronic POWER CONTROL
    Hydraulic connection1 x single-acting with free flow return line for the control system
    Electrical connection1 x 7-pin lighting plug

    1 x 3-pin Cobo plug for the control system

  • FARO 5010

    ChassisTandem axle
    Chassis suspensionparabolic springs
    Travelling speed max.40 km/h
    Braking systemhydraulic brakes
    Tyres – profile500/50-17
    Mountinghydraulic drawbar
    Towing eye50 rotating
    Drawbar weight, max.2000 kg
    Drawbar shock absorberOption
    PTO shaft guardingWide-angle PTO shaft on one side, equipped with a cam-type clutch
    PTO shaft profile1 3/8″ 6-splines
    P.T.O. shaft – overload protection1600 Nm
    PTO speed1000 rpm
    Pick-upwith roll
    Support wheelpivoting
    Loading rotorROTOMATIC PLUS
    Number of knives31 pieces
    Knife bankHydraulic folding
    Knife bank (option)EASY MOVE side pivot system
    Structureall-steel structure

    Adjustable top section (max./-120 mm/-210 mm)

    Beaters (D)2 pcs.
    TailgateHydraulic tailgate
    Operationelectronic POWER CONTROL
    Operation (D)electronic POWER CONTROL
    Hydraulic connection1 x single-acting with free flow return line
    Electrical connection1 x 7-pin lighting plug

    1 x 3-pin Cobo plug


  • Impressive construction

    Rugged drawbar

    Depending on the type of tractor and the tyres fitted, a turning angle of up to 60° is possible thanks to the narrow design of the drawbar.

    Top or bottom hitch point, 2.0 t supported load

    The drawbar is implemented as standard as a hinged drawbar with two double–acting cylinders. A drawbar shock absorber is available as an option.

    Practical equipment

    • All hoses and cables are routed tidily through the hose holder.
    • A folding support leg makes it easy to attach and detach.
    • A ball hitch coupling is available as an option.
    • Load-Sensing system is also available.

    Strong frame

    The frame components are constructed using high quality QSTE fine-grained steel. Frame and side pillars are fastened using finely threaded bolts – no welds. Closely-spaced pillars and high-strength side profiles ensure the highest strength.

    • The width inside the loading chamber is 2.10 m.
    • On the FARO 8010 L / 10010 L models, the inside width is 2.30 m.
    • On D models, the tailgate opening angle can be adjusted as required from the tractor seat.
    • Access ladder and side door are standard on D models, optional on L models.
    • Floodlights for loading chamber and work area available as an option.

    Power transfer up to 1600 Nm 17% higher capacity

    The driveline is designed for high outputs. FARO loader wagons are designed for use on tractors up to 150 hp.

    They are driven by a wide-angle PTO shaft and a cam-type clutch to protect the driveline.

    • High torque protection of 1600 Nm.
    • High performance power range from 90 to 150 hp.
    • Loading rotor driven by 1 1/2 inch high strength simplex chain.
    • Automatic chain tensioner.
    • Automatic chain lubrication for loading system and pick-up

    Scraper floor drive system

    A strong hydraulic motor provides the drive for the scraper floor, the speed of which can easily be controlled. A two-speed motor is available as an option for driving the scraper floor.

    Beater rotor drive transmission

    The driveline to the beater rotors is concealed within the frame. The strong drive shaft is protected by a cam clutch at 1200 Nm.

  • Pick-up

    Floating pick-up for maximum intake

    The PÖTTINGER pick-up guarantees maximum feed rate. The transfer zone from the pickup tines to the rotor has been optimised and adapted to high throughput The PÖTTINGER floating pick-up, with six rows of tines, delivers impressive performance. A reliable and high intake pick-up is still achieved at high forward speeds and in difficult harvest conditions.

    Best ground tracking

    Two jointed support arms ensure the pick-up has complete freedom of movement. A spring alleviates the pickup weight so less pressure is exerted on the ground. To ensure perfect ground tracking and cornering, the 16 x 6.5-8 jockey wheels can be adjusted to ensure they make contact with the ground on precisely the same line as the tines.

    • Unique travel of 180 mm for perfect ground tracking and exact contouring.
    • Trailed jockey wheels are available as an option.
    • Automatic pick-up reel switch off on FARO D models with beaters.
    • An additional tracking roller is available as an option.

    Perfect forage flow

    An optimised wind guard with swath roller and guide plates ensure perfect forage flow with every type of crop, even at high loading speed.

    Controlled pick-up for clean forage

    The sealed twin-race roller bearings on the cam rollers are designed to withstand high stresses. The pick-up tines are controlled in a sweeping arc. This results in optimum protection of the sward, lower levels of soil contamination and prevents unnecessary wear to the tines.

    • The pickup is controlled from both ends by a steel cam track.
    • Because the pick-up controls the movement of the tines, the crop is brought closer to the rotor tines, which is a real advantage with short, wet grass in the autumn.

    Additional tracking roller behind pick-up

    This newly-developed additional tracking roller is located behind the middle of the pick-up on PÖTTINGER loader wagons. Being located in the centre prevents it from sinking into tractor wheel marks and as a result guarantees perfect ground tracking and clean forage.

    The Parallelogram makes all the difference

    The parallelogram guide linkage ensures significantly improved contour tracking for clean forage, even in difficult conditions. 100% freedom of movement of the pick-up is ensured. Adjustment is independent for the front jockey wheels.

    • The additional tracking roller is raised with the pick-up.
    • Full ground clearance is still ensured.


    Smooth running and fuel saving

    ROTOMATIC PLUS is the heart of the FARO range. Rugged and powerful, the rotor delivers high output chopping and compression. ROTOMATIC PLUS stands for smooth, efficient chopping of the crop and perfect transfer from the pick-up.

    • The loading rotor has seven rows of tines arranged in a spiral with a diameter of 750 mm.
    • The loading rotor is mounted on self-aligning ball bearings at both ends.
    • The bearings are located on the rotor frame between the rotor and transmission to protect the bearings and drive chain.

    Optimised tine geometry

    The conveyor tines made from hardened Durostat 500 fine-grained steel are 7 mm thick and ensure maximum performance, even with short, wet forage. The optimised tine shape and large scraper surface ensure the best possible compression in the loading chamber. The tine rings are hooked into the central drum and welded around the circumference for exact positioning. The scrapers have an 12 mm wide rear face and are individually mounted and bolted. They ensure highest possible compression, depending on how the automatic loading system is set.

    EASY MOVE – the original

    The unique solution from PÖTTINGER: The EASY MOVE knife bank swings out alongside the wagon to ensure ease of use.

    • Change knives conveniently at the side of the wagon.

    31 knives for 45 mm chopped length.

    Best knife quality

    The knives are produced from hardened tool steel and their pressed serrated edge ensures a precise chop. The extra thick rear edge of the knife guarantees an extended service life.

    FARO 8010 / 10010 with a maximum of 11 knives.

    Knife protection

    PÖTTINGER protects the heart of the silage wagon with an innovative device: the patented foreign object protection system. This device ensures that each knife is individually protected from damage.

    • High output requires an adapted trigger pressure. Powerful springs securely hold each individual knife in the correct position to ensure an even chop. Where PÖTTINGER stands out: The trigger pressure for wagon knives reacts differently to a foreign object depending on its size.
    • Smaller foreign bodies fall through between the pick-up and the rotor.
    • Larger foreign bodies are pushed by the rotor onto the knife and move it briefly in the direction of rotation.
    • The trigger roll at the back of the knife is lifted out of its holder and the knife releases the foreign body. The resistance is minimal when tripped, which protects the knife.
    • After the object has passed through the chopping system, a spring pivots the knife back into its original position.
    • Unlike a harvester, this system does not pulverise stones. As a result, the cattle leave foreign objects in the trough, preventing injuries to the digestive system from ingestion.

  • Unloading at the press of a button

    Automatic unloading

    A press of a button on the terminal is all that is needed and the full cross section of the tailgate opens to unload FARO L and D models in a few minutes. The automatic unloading system makes life easier for the driver and protects the machine.

    Lowered scraper floor

    • The scraper floor has been lowered at the front by 150 mm to accommodate tyres up to 710/35 R 22,5.
    • The forage is pushed upwards as it moves to the rear. This ensures smooth, uniform unloading with a low power requirement.
    • Powerful drive chains ensure rapid unloading.
    • A two-stage motor is available as an option for unloading speeds of up to 18 metres/min.

    Longetivity of scraper floor

    The PÖTTINGER scraper floor guarantees long term reliability. The load chamber floor is constructed of pressure treated, durable wood. The tongue and groove boards are bolted to the frame. The hardened bars are offset and easily accessible. The greasing points for the scraper floor shafts are located at the side of the wagon.

    Load sensing

    All PÖTTINGER loader wagons are load sensing compatible. The required oil flow rate is precisely measured and adjusted to demand. This prevents the oil from heating up and saves power by up to 15 kW / 20 hp.

    Metering on demand

    FARO D models

    A uniformly distributed blanket of forage is essential for perfect compaction. Two beater rotors guarantee perfect distribution. The aggressive tines deliver an impressive performance even with highly compressed forage. Bars on the rotors ensure maize material can be unloaded effectively. A pressure sensor in the beater rotor bearings controls the scraper floor automatically.

    Multifunction tailgate

    The tailgate opening angle can be set to different positions from the tractor seat to minimise the effects of crosswinds.

    • Beater driveline protected to 1200 Nm.
    • Automatic chain tensioner.
    • Easily access central greasing point.
    • Third beater rotor available as an option.

    Cross conveyor belt

    The optional cross conveyor belt is 890 mm wide and is powered hydraulically.

    • Runs to left and right.
    • Tailgate locking system.
    • Dedicated on-board hydraulics with flowrate of less than 80 l/min.
    • Remote control using optional POWER CONTROL Wireless.

  • Terminals


    These operator terminals provide the tractor driver with a well-deserved level of support to ensure efficient and consistent productivity. Pöttinger’s new generation of in-cab terminals make sure you have everything under control, even after a long day in the field. The development of the terminal focussed on maximum operating convenience, ergonomics and automation of each working step. The intuitive layout is especially useful if there is a frequent change of drivers. The result is a range of control systems to suit your equipment, from electronic preselect controls through to fully integrated ISOBUS terminals.

    Tough and illuminated – ready to work day and night

    • Heavy duty 2-component synthetic casing with rubber edge guard.
    • All units feature an illuminated graphic display.
    • Raised back-lit keys for optimum visibility at night.

    Control terminals


    All functions can be selected directly on wagons without unloading beaters. The brightness of the graphic display and illuminated keys is adjustable.


    All functions are controlled directly from the terminal. Error messages are also displayed. There is integrated data logging.

    • Automatic functions for loading and unloading.
    • Ergonomic layout of control keys.
    • Background-lighting

    POWER CONTROL Wireless

    For convenient operation of the loader wagon, including from outside the tractor cab.

    • Specially for operating the cross conveyor belt.
    • A carry-belt keeps both hands free.
    • Wide range of up to 100 m.

    CCI 100 terminal

    100 % ISOBUS

    High-end operating convenience as an option. A universal control terminal, compatible with all ISOBUS machines from PÖTTINGER and other machinery manufacturers, is also available.

    • High quality 8.4″ TFT colour screen with back-lit keys.
    • Touchscreen, automatic functions for loading and unloading.
    • USB interface, M 12×1 camera connection.

  • Chassis & tyres

    Suspended tandem axle with parabolic springs, 10.5 t axle load, 17″

    Standard on FARO 3510 / 4010.

    Nine large parabolic springs provide the necessary suspension to reduce compression on the ground. The compensating linkage distributes the pressure exerted on the ground evenly between the two axles. The springs are 1100 mm apart. When driving over rough ground, the forces are split evenly to both axles instead of being accommodated by shock absorbers.

    Tandem axles with parabolic leaf spring suspension, 13 t axle load, 17″

    Standard on FARO 4510 / 5010.

    22,5″ Standard on FARO 4010 COMBILINE.

    Parabolic springs with large spring–to–axle spacing and compensator to cancel out swaying.

    Tandem axles with parabolic spring suspension and longitudinal linkage, 16 t axle load, 22,5″

    Compensator arm to cancel swaying. Strong trailing linkages apply the braking and steering force. This ensures smooth running in the field and on the road as well as perfect suspension while unloading in the clamp.

    Trailed steered axle with parabolic springs optional

    No damage to sward, even with really heavy loads. The ISOBUS terminal automatically locks the trailed steering axle at high driving speeds and when reversing.

    Tandem axles with hydro-pneumatic suspension and trailed steering axle / 16 t axle load, 22,5″

    The large axle compensation of up to 220 mm is designed to handle challenging field entrances and poor track conditions.

    Pneumatic brakes

    The four wheel air brake system with automatic load-dependent braking system (ALB) ensures safe and smooth braking at high speed.

    Hydraulic brakes

    Hydraulic brakes can be supplied dependent on local legislation.

  • Options

    Additional equipment options

    • Trailed jockey wheels for pick-up
    • Hydraulic pick-up weight alleviation
    • Rear switch for scraper floor
    • Load sensing
    • Two-stage motor for scraper floor
    • Hydraulic brake
    • Loading chamber and work lights
    • Outline marker and demarcation lights
    • Video system with monitor and camera
    • Rotating light for loader wagons

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