NOVACAT rear mounted disc mowers

With side mounting – 2.20 to 3.88 m working width

Technical Data

MountingRear three-pointRear three-pointRear three-pointRear three-pointRear three-point
Mounting categoryCat, II / 2Cat, II / 2Cat, II / 2Cat, II / 2Cat, II / 2
Breakaway deviceMechanical breakaway deviceMechanical breakaway deviceMechanical breakaway deviceMechanical breakaway deviceMechanical breakaway device
Weight610 kg650 kg690 kg735 kg765 kg
Working width2,2 m2,62 m3,04 m3,46 m3,88 m
Transport height2,6 m2,9 m3,4 m3,8 m3,98 m
Driveline speed with grass header540 rpm540 rpm540 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
Mower discs5 pcs.6 pcs.7 pcs.8 pcs.9 pcs.
Mower blades10 pcs.12 pcs.14 pcs.16 pcs.18 pcs.
Power requirement40 hp50 hp60 hp70 hp80 hp
Coverage2,2 ha/h2,6 ha/h3 ha/h3,4 ha/h3,9 ha/h
Outer track1,800 – 2,2001,800 – 2,2001,800 – 2,2002,200 – 2,6002,200 – 2,600
Wear skids4 pcs.5 pcs.6 pcs.7 pcs.8 pcs.
Inner wear skids1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.
High-cut skids4 pcs.5 pcs.6 pcs.7 pcs.8 pcs.
High-cut skids inside1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.
Swath width without swath discs1,3 m1,7 m2,3 m2,5 m3 m
Swath width with 2 swath discs0,9 m1,5 m1,7 m2,1 m2,6 m
Swath width with 4 swath discs1,1 m1,3 m1,7 m2,2 m
Swath width with 2 conveyor drums1,3 m
Swath forming / ConditionerSwath discsSwath discsSwath discsSwath discsSwath discs
Swath discs (Standard)without swath discswithout swath discswithout swath discswithout swath discswithout swath discs
*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
NOVACAT rear mounted disc mowers

Standard Equipment


    MountingRear three-point
    Mounting optionMounting stub
    Mounting categoryCat. II / 2
    PTO shaft guardingC/w freewheel
    PTO shaft profile1 3/8″ 6-splines
    Protection systemHinged front guard
    Side guards can be folded
    Hydraulic connection1 x single-acting for the lifting system
    Standard equipment includesOperator’s manual
    Spare parts list
    Replacement blades
    Blade changing tool


  • PÖTTINGER cutter bars

    The heart of PÖTTINGER disc mowers is the cutter bar, proven over thousands of cuts in the field. Disc mower cutter bars are developed and built at the company’s main plant in Grieskirchen – a quality product made in Austria. First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and strength are the trademarks of these cutter bars. Engineered details guarantee you reliable operation and contribute significantly to an extended service life.

    Optimum crop flow – clean forage

    The rounded, low profile front edge lets the cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground and separates the crop tidily from the sward. The conveyor effect has been improved by the rounded conical surfaces of the mower discs. The crop flows through smoothly and uniformly, maintaining full cutting capacity in all operating conditions. Integrated paddles keep the cutter bar surface clean. PÖTTINGER guarantees trouble-free downhill mowing, even on steep slopes.

    Perfect cutting quality

    Sleek cutter bar

    The sleek cutter bar design is only 28 cm deep, perfect for enabling the best possible ground tracking. The mower blades rotate very close to the surface of the cutter bar and the counter knife. The optimised overlap of blade paths ensures a clean and uniform mowing pattern.

    Engineered to impress

    Mower discs

    Durable mower discs

    The oval, low profile mower discs are made of hardened fine-grained steel. Quick-change blades make maintenance easy.

    Feed cones

    Optional feed cones

    These improve the crop flow and enable swath formation.

    High-strength stub shafts

    The strong stub shafts are bolted to the gears and are thus easy to replace when required.

    Heavy-duty bearings

    Durable, twin race tapered bearings with a theoretical bearing spacing of 60 mm are extremely stress-resistant.

    TRI DRIVE – Optimised gears

    Gear pairs

    Reliable power transmission

    The cutterbar gear drive runs in a straight line with virtually the same sized gears. All gears are hardened and machined for smooth running and a long service life.

    • New gear pairs with the same diameter 39/50
    • Three teeth in contact – better power transmission – softer starting characteristics.
    • New surface on gears ensures smoother running and a reduction in noise level.

    Wear resistant skids


    High cut wear skid

    Wide skids made from hardened boron steel to resist impact and prevent the build-up of soil. Because the underside of the cutter bar is smooth with contoured skids inside and outside, it protects the sward even on tight corners.

    As an option, you can fit additional wear skids to protect the underside of the cutter bar. The bolted skids can be easily changed if required.

    Optional high-cut skids can be mounted to increase the cutting height from 30 to 120 mm. Their large radius and wide surface area make them especially wear resistant.

    • High-cut skid + 20 mm, the universal skid especially for stony soil.
    • High-cut skid + 40 mm, especially for whole crop.
    • NEW: High-cut skids for the outer pairs of skids.

    Top quality

    The cutter bar is made from the best quality steel. The metal plate is precision laser-cut and robot-welded before machining at the state-of-the-art CNC machining centre.

    • The blade post is bolted to the mower disc. This can be replaced cost-effectively if required.
    • The counter knife is clamped in place, meaning it is also easy to replace.

    Easy with quick-change blades

    Change blades quickly and easily: Press down the spring clip with the blade changing tool and replace the blade.

    • The blade is locked securely in place by the spring clip.
    • Lengthy, tough operation demands the best blade quality, which is why original PÖTTINGER blades are made from high-quality blade steel.
    • A handy blade box provides space for replacement blades.
    • A handy blade box provides space for replacement bladeThe blade pin is bolted to the mower disc. This can be replaced cost-effectively if required.


    Easy access

    Simple design

    Practical modular design

    The bearing hub assembly and fittings are reliably sealed by rubber o-ring seals. The hub assembly can be removed as one unit, while the idler gears are easily removed through the openings – it could not be more straightforward.

  • Lightweight and low resistance

    NOVADISC in use

    NOVADISC in use

    The key objective in developing the NOVADISC rear-mounted mower without conditioner was to keep weight as low as possible. These lightweights are smooth running and with working widths between 2.20 m and 3.88 m offer a high output, even on tractors with a wide overall width or with double rims. That is why we have developed two different linkage options.

    Ground tracking
    Two suspension springs guarantee excellent ground tracking of the cutter bar, even when mowing embankments. Pressure on the ground can be adjusted by setting the lower linkage height and the weight alleviation springs.

    NOVADISC lifting system

    Cutter bar lowers on outside first

    The mower is lowered so that the outer end of the cutter bar contacts the ground first. At the headland, the inside end is lifted first, providing optimum protection of the sward.

    Smooth running and reliable

    Drive system

    Heavy-duty intake section

    A key feature is the lightweight cutter bar without inside shoe. The cutter bar gearbox is behind the first mower disc. This means you can mow into corners and over rough ground no problem. The V-belt drive system operates efficiently and smoothly. A heavy-duty intake section ensures high strength.

  • Rugged and adaptable

    Wide arc of movement

    Mounting points at each end of the cutter bar protect it against twisting. As a result, the gears and bearings are subjected to less stress to guarantee smooth operation and a long service life. The wide arc of movement enables easy mowing on rough surfaces and embankments. For a short-time mowing up to + 45° through lifting the interlocking lid is permitted.

    Ingenious headstock


    • Thanks to the adjustable mounting pins, these mowers can be hitched up to your tractor quickly and easily.
    • Two headstocks are available for outer track widths of 1800 – 2200 mm and 2200 – 2600 mm.
    • Practical PTO shaft holder makes hitching up easier.
    • A handy blade box provides space for replacement blades.
    • The blade tool is kept on the machine.
    • PTO shaft lubrication interval has been increased to 150 hours. The PTO shafts are easily accessible and easy to maintain.

    Collision safety device protects against damage

    Anti-collision device

    The mechanical collision safety system provides a swing arc of approx. 12°. Damage to the mower is thus avoided in the event of a collision. After it has been triggered, simply reverse a short distance to engage the cutter bar again.

  • Convenient and straightforward

    Change blades quickly

    The guards fold away to provide optimum access to the cutter bar. This makes it possible to clean the machine thoroughly and change blades quickly and easily.

    For your safety

    The guard curtains are made from especially tough material to reliably catch stones and soil.

    Safe and practical

    Transport position

    A mechanical safety interlock provides the necessary safety during road transport. The outer guards can be folded inwards to reduce transport height.

  • Easy service

    Best accessibility

    Blade changing

    We take ease of maintenance seriously. The guards fold well away to provide optimum access to the cutter bar. Now you can change blades quickly and easily.

    Save time with maximum service friendliness

    Blade box

    Quick-change blades for a clean and smooth cut

    • Press down the spring clip with the blade tool and replace the blade.
    • The blade is locked securely in place by the spring clip.
    • The blade pin is bolted to the mower disc. This can be replaced cost-effectively if required.
    • Long, tough jobs demand the best quality blades. PÖTTINGER blades are made from high-quality knife steel.
    • A handy blade box provides space for replacement blades.

    Low maintenance driveline

    We have increased driveshaft lubrication intervals to 150 hours and the PTO shafts are easily accessible. As a result they are easy to service. Practical PTO shaft holder makes hitching up easier.

    Drive from the field onto the road without leaving the cab

    Strong side guards

    The side guards are strong full-length pressed steel parts. Hydraulic folding is available if required.

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