NOVACAT T trailed disc mowers

For cutting heavy crops – 3.04 to 3.46 m working width

*Always confirm model specifications & pricing with a Gendore Product & Sales Specialist
NOVACAT T trailed disc mowers

Technical data


    DrawbarSide drawbarSide drawbarSide drawbarSide drawbar
    Weight1991 kg2051 kg2530 kg2545 kg
    Working width3,04 m3,04 m3,04 m3,04 m
    Transport width3 m3 m3 m3 m
    Transport height2,08 m2,08 m2,08 m2,08 m
    Transport length6100 mm6100 mm7200 mm7200 mm
    Conditioner width2120 mm2120 mm2120 mm2120 mm
    Driveline speed with grass header1000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
    Mower discs7 pcs.7 pcs.7 pcs.7 pcs.
    Mower blades14 pcs.14 pcs.14 pcs.14 pcs.
    Power requirement75 hp75 hp75 hp75 hp
    Coverage3,6 ha/h3,6 ha/h3,6 ha/h3,6 ha/h
    Wear skids5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.
    High-cut skids5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.
    High-cut skids inside / outside1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.
    Tyres – chassis340/55-16340/55-16340/55-16340/55-16
    Swath width with conditioner min1,9 m1,7 m
    Swath width with conditioner max2,7 m2,5 m


    DrawbarCentre-mounted drawbarCentre-mounted drawbarCentre-mounted drawbarCentre-mounted drawbar
    Weight2131 kg2190 kg2710 kg2206 kg
    Working width3,04 m3,04 m3,04 m3,46 m
    Transport width3 m3 m3 m3,42 m
    Transport height2,08 m2,08 m2,08 m2,08 m
    Transport length7560 mm7560 mm8600 mm7560 mm
    Conditioner width2120 mm2120 mm2540 mm
    Driveline speed with grass header1000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
    Mower discs7 pcs.7 pcs.7 pcs.8 pcs.
    Mower blades14 pcs.14 pcs.14 pcs.16 pcs.
    Power requirement75 hp75 hp75 hp85 hp
    Coverage3,6 ha/h3,6 ha/h3,6 ha/h4,2 ha/h
    Wear skids5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.6 pcs.
    High-cut skids5 pcs.5 pcs.5 pcs.6 pcs.
    High-cut skids inside / outside1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.
    Tyres – chassis340/55-16340/55-16340/55-16340/55-16
    Swath width with conditioner min1,9 m1,7 m2,2 m
    Swath width with conditioner max2,7 m2,5 m3,1 m


    DrawbarCentre-mounted drawbarCentre-mounted drawbarCentre-mounted drawbar
    Weight2286 kg2825 kg2890 kg
    Working width3,46 m3,46 m3,46 m
    Transport width3,42 m3,42 m3,42 m
    Transport height2,08 m2,08 m2,08 m
    Transport length7560 mm8600 mm8600 mm
    Conditioner width2540 mm
    Driveline speed with grass header1000 rpm1000 rpm1000 rpm
    Mower discs8 pcs.8 pcs.8 pcs.
    Mower blades16 pcs.16 pcs.16 pcs.
    Power requirement85 hp85 hp85 hp
    Coverage4,2 ha/h4,2 ha/h4,2 ha/h
    Wear skids6 pcs.6 pcs.6 pcs.
    High-cut skids6 pcs.6 pcs.6 pcs.
    High-cut skids inside / outside1 pcs.1 pcs.1 pcs.
    Tyres – chassis340/55-16340/55-16340/55-16
    Swath width with conditioner min2,2 m
    Swath width with conditioner max3 m

Standard Equipment


    Mounting optionMounting yoke between lower linkages
    Mounting categoryCat. II / 2
    PTO shaft guardingFitted with slip clutches
    PTO shaft profile1 3/8″ 6-splines
    Protection systemRoll-up front guard
    Side guards can be folded
    Tyres – chassis340/55-16
    Hydraulic connection1 x single-acting for the lifting system
    1 x double acting for the frame pivot system
    1 x single-acting for the lifting system on the cross conveyor belt
    Electrical connection1 x 7-pin lighting plug for warning signs with lighting
    Standard equipment includesOperator’s manual
    Spare parts list
    Replacement blades
    Blade changing tool
    Mechanic speed control at COLLECTOR


  • Mounting



    The drawbar and chassis feature a heavy-duty design to meet the demands of high transport speeds. Large tyres also help ensure stable and safe transport.

    Heavy duty drawbar

    The u shaped mounting yoke provides a free angle of movement of +/-30°. The tractor and mower can compensate for uneven ground independently of each other.

    A folding parking leg and holders are for the PTO shaft, hoses and cables make it easy to hitch and unhitch. Hoses and cables routed inside the drawbar are protected against damage and offer a neat, uncluttered appearance.

    Changing between working mode and transport mode is easy, thanks to the hydraulic pivoting system with check valve integrated into the hydraulic cylinder, reliably securing the drawbar in position. It is operated using one double-acting hydraulic connection on the tractor.

    Centre-mounted drawbar for NOVACAT 3007 T and NOVACAT 3507 T

    • The drawbar can be pivoted to either side.
    • This means that you can choose on which side the mower is to operate.

    Side-mounted drawbar

    Side-mounted drawbar for NOVACAT 307 T

    • The simpler, more cost-effective version.
    • The drawbar can be secured in position using a tap when the mower is equipped with the optional swath placement system.

  • Driveline and frame

    Smooth-running, durable driveline

    The complete driveline is fitted with Walterscheid components designed for a power transfer of 132 kW/180 hp. Greasing is only required every 250 hours.

    Mounting yoke with pivot gear

    The machine is attached quickly and easily to the lower linkages. Transmission speeds of 1000 rpm and 540 rpm can be selected by changing over the double pivot gear. full manoeuvrability is ensured – even on the tightest corners – thanks to the unrestricted turning angle.

    Drawbar driveshaft

    Centre-mounted drawbar driveshaft

    On centre-mounted drawbar versions the driveline passes through a swivel gearbox that is steered by a track rod. This means that the angle of the driveshaft remains constant.

    • On COLLECTOR models, the oil pump for the cross conveyor is flanged direct into the side gearbox.
    • The conditioner is driven by V belts from the gearbox.

    Drawbar driveshaft

    Side-mounted drawbar driveshaft

    On side-mounted drawbar versions the driveline runs directly to the side gearbox with a flanged 30° gear unit. Stress-free cutter bar transmission

    • The side gear unit splits the drive power between the cutter bar and the conditioner.
    • A double universal joint in the cutterbar drive drum provides a stressfree link between the gearbox and the cutter bar.
    • The gears run submerged in oil.

    Rugged portal frame

    Lifting system

    Ingenious lifting system

    The mower unit is suspended from a portal frame to ensure full freedom of movement. A special lifting system provides plenty of clearance for driving over large swaths without damaging them. 500 mm of clearance with standard 50/50-16 tyres or 550 mm with the optional grooved-profile 11.5/80-15.3 tyres.

    Parallel lift

    Parallel lifting/lowering is enabled by feeding oil from one hydraulic cylinder to the cylinder on the opposite side. The portal frame is lifted uniformly without the need for a flow splitter.

    Side-to-side movement


    Wide freedom of side-to-side movement

    Suspending the mower unit from a portal frame gives the cutter bar a great deal of freedom of movement. The cutter bar is lowered with the portal frame, releasing the cutter bar for perfect ground hugging.

    Easy to adjust

    Effective weight alleviation

    Two large dimensioned, easily-adjustable alleviation springs guarantee optimum ground pressure in all conditions.

  • 3D ground hugging

    Ground hugging

    Three-dimensional ground hugging is ensured by the freedom of movement enabled by the cutter bar being suspended in the portal frame.

    • The low-slung cantilever system lets the cutter bar glide over bumps and ridges.
    • The guide arms are mounted on freely-moving ball joints.
    • The guide bars facing up to the cutter bar provide excellent adaptation to ground contours.
    • A top link guides the top of the mower unit to complete the four-point suspension system.

    Easy to adjust

    The cutting height can be adjusted quickly and easily using the top link adjuster. A locking lever ensures the setting cannot change of its own accord. A cutting height indicator is integrated in to the locking lever.

    PÖTTINGER mowers cut perfectly on every terrain, even over ridges and dips in the ground.

    Freedom of vertical movement
    Freedom of vertical movement

    Freedom of vertical movement downwards
    Freedom of vertical movement downwards

    Freedom of vertical movement upwards
    Freedom of vertical movement upwards

    Freedom of vertical movement

    Up to 200 mm upwards, the cutter bar is inclinded 5° upwards. Up to 120 mm downwards, the cutter bar is inclinded 3° downwards.


  • PÖTTINGER cutter bars

    The heart of PÖTTINGER disc mowers is the cutter bar, proven over thousands of cuts in the field. NOVACAT disc mower cutter bars are developed and built at the company’s main plant in Grieskirchen – a quality product made in Austria. First-class cutting quality, low drag resistance and strength are the trademarks of these cutter bars. Engineered details guarantee you reliable operation and contribute significantly to an extended service life.

    Optimum crop flow – clean forage

    Optimum crop flow

    Optimum crop flow

    The rounded, low profile front edge lets the cutter bar glide smoothly over the ground and separates the crop tidily from the sward. The conveyor effect has been improved by the rounded conical surfaces of the mower discs. The crop flows through smoothly and uniformly, maintaining full cutting capacity in all operating conditions. Integrated paddles keep the cutter bar surface clean. PÖTTINGER guarantees trouble-free downhill mowing, even on steep slopes.

    Perfect cutting quality

    Sleek cutter bar

    Sleek cutter bar

    The sleek cutter bar design is only 28 cm deep, perfect for enabling the best possible ground tracking. The mower blades rotate very close to the surface of the cutter bar and the counter blade. The optimised overlap of blade paths ensures a clean and uniform mowing pattern.

    Engineered to impress

    Mower discs
    Mower discs

    Durable mower discs

    The oval, low profile mower discs are made of hardened fine-grained steel. Quick-change blades make maintenance easy.

    Feed cones

    Optional feed cones

    These improve the crop flow and enable swath formation.

    High-strength stub shafts

    The strong stub shafts are bolted to the gears and are thus easy to replace when required.

    Heavy-duty bearings

    Durable, twin race tapered bearings with a theoretical bearing spacing of 60 mm are extremely stress-resistant.

    Reliable power transmission

    The cutterbar gear drive runs in a straight line with virtually the same sized gears.

    There are always two teeth in contact with a tooth width of 20 mm. All gears are hardened and machined for smooth running and a long service life.

    Wear resistant skids

    Wear resistant skids

    Wide skids made from hardened boron steel to resist impact and prevent the build-up of soil. Because the underside of the cutter bar is smooth with contoured skids inside and outside, it protects the sward even when cornering tightly.

    Wear skid

    As an option, you can fit additional wear skids to protect the underside of the cutter bar. The bolted skids can be easily changed if required.

    High-cut skid

    Optional high-cut skids can be mounted to increase the cutting height from 50 to 80 mm. Their large radius and wide surface area make them especially wear resistant.

    Top quality

    The cutter bar is made from the best quality steel. The metal plate is precision laser-cut and robot-welded before machining at the state-of-the-art CNC machining centre.

    • The blade post is bolted to the mower disc. This can be replaced costeffectively if required.
    • The counter knife is clamped in place, meaning it is also easy to replace.

    HEAVY DUTY cutter bar

    Cutter bar

    Cutter bar reinforcement
    An additional cutter bar reinforcement is offered as an option for especially stony areas.

    Easy with quick-change blades

    Change blades

    Change blades quickly and easily: Press down the spring clip with the blade changing tool and replace the blade.

    • The blade is locked securely in place by the spring clip.
    • Lengthy, tough operation demands the best blade quality, which is why original PÖTTINGER blades are made from high-quality blade steel.
    • A handy blade box provides space for replacement blades.


    Easy access

    The guards fold away to provide optimum access to the cutter bar. Front guard curtain can be rolled up.

    • Easy access for replacing knives and cleaning.
    • Narrower transport width side guards secured with lynch pins.

    Simple design

    Practical modular design

    The bearing hub assembly and fittings are reliably sealed by rubber o-ring seals. The hub assembly can be removed as one unit, while the idler gears are easily removed through the openings – it could not be more straightforward.

  • Conditioner

    ED tine conditioner


    The EXTRA DRY conditioner is a joint development with the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IMAG-DLO) in Wageningen (Holland) that started in 1997 to prove there is a better way. Your forage dries measurably faster thanks to the adjustable conditioning intensity and wide placement.

    V-shaped steel tines of hardened steel guarantee a continuous flow of crop and an extended service life. The tines are mounted on rubber elements in a spiral configuration on the conditioning roller. The conditioner is driven by the gear unit using interchangeable belt pulleys.

    EXTRA DRY drying accelerator

    The tine rotor propels the forage across an adjustable conditioning plate. Adjustable guide vanes distribute the flow of crop over the whole mowed width. The forage is then deposited in a uniform and airy blanket by the wide-spread hood. Adjustable swath doors can be used to form a swath.

    Conditioning intensity

    Very careful conditioning through to intensive processing can be selected in four steps using an adjusting lever. This alters the angle of the conditioning plate, which controls conditioning intensity.

    RCB roller conditioner

    RCB roller conditioner

    Profitable yields in dairy farming are only possible with high-quality base forage. Quality nutrients in the forage increases milk output at the same time as reducing the costs of concentrates. For leafy types of plant, PÖTTINGER offers a proven conditioner with crimping rollers.

    The roller conditioner is especially suitable for alfalfa and all types of clover due to its precision conditioning capabilities. The rollers intermesh to crimp the stalks and produce a uniform blanket of forage. The roller profile is spiral-shaped. Both rollers are driven.

    Reliable and durable

    The rugged central tube has a diameter of 140 mm and a wall thickness of 5.6 mm. The Polyurethane profile is vulcanised onto the central tube of the roller. The outer diameter is 200 mm. The conditioner profiles are harder than rubber and therefore particularly resistant to wear. The drive chains are lubricated automatically.

    Reliable drive system

    • Power is transmitted by V-belts to the lower roller and by chain to the upper roller.
    • The upper roller is height-adjustable and the gap between the rollers can be set.
    • Conditioning pressure is adjusted on both sides using coil spring adjusters.

  • Swath merging

    Flexibility is required when mowing. High performance and variable swath placement are guaranteed with the COLLECTOR cross conveyor belt. Three swath placement capabilities will meet all your requirements.

    COLLECTOR cross conveyor

    Variable positioning

    Swaths can be placed in individual rows, as a wide-spread blanket, or merged to form one double swath.

    The long and wide, continuous belt conveys the highest quantities of forage without risk of blockages. The drive roller is curved so that the belt always centres itself automatically. A central tensioning system makes it easy to service. An add-on height-adjustable accelerator roller is also available.

    Dedicated drive system

    The conveyor belt has its own built-in hydraulics, meaning no additional demand on the tractor’s hydraulics system. The oil pump for the cross conveyor belt is flanged directly onto the main gearbox.

    • The belt is driven by a splined stub shaft.
    • The conveyor belt speed is set using a flow control valve.
    • Electronic adjustment from the driver’s seat is available as an option.

    NOVACAT T RC roller-type conditioner

    An accelerator roller provides perfect, loss-free transfer of the crop to the cross conveyor belt.

    A cost-effective form of swath placement is provided by swath boards, which are adjusted hydraulically.

    Swath placement system

    Two long swath boards are shifted hydraulically to guide the forage to the left or right of the mower. This enables two swaths to be placed close enough together so that they can be collected by wide pickups in one pass. Double swath width: approx. 3 m depending on type of forage.

    This system is operated using the double-acting connection for positioning the drawbar, so only one double-acting connection is required. On the NOVACAT 307 T ED, the drawbar is locked in position by a tap. On the NOVACAT 3007 T ED and NOVACAT 3507 T ED, a second double-acting connection is required.

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